Managing Dementia and Anger, VA Wayzata

A photo of an elderly man.
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The challenges, that come with being a family caregiver, can increase if a senior has been diagnosed with a condition like dementia. While every senior experiences different symptoms, anger is a common symptom. Visiting Angels Wayzata brings up how a caregiver can help their loved one manage their anger. 

Visiting Angels Wayzata shares a list of six tips that can help you and your loved one. The first tip is to set up a day-to-day routine for your aging loved one. A routine can help your senior loved one feel more at ease because they know what to expect from their daily lives. There are many routines that you can set in place. For example, you can work towards a bed time routine, a meal schedule, and a morning routine.  

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Visiting Angels Wayzata Talks About Spicing Up Oatmeal

A photo of oatmeal.
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As you have probably heard, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What do you typically eat for breakfast? If you would like to start eating healthy, take a look at the advice that Visiting Angels Wayzata offers when it comes to spicing up your oatmeal. 

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to eating oatmeal for breakfast. Visiting Angels Wayzata breaks down how oatmeal can provide your body with several great vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, oatmeal contains fiber that can help your blood sugar and cholesterol. As you can see, oatmeal is wonderful; however, all of those wonderful qualities can be lost if oatmeal is not prepared properly. When buying oatmeal, try to avoid added sugar and avoid highly processed oatmeal. 

All in all, Visiting Angels Wayzata brings up five ways you can spice up your oatmeal. Here is one example from the list Visiting Angels shares. 

  • Overnight Oats – If you are not a morning person, or if you are busy in the mornings, you should try making some overnight oats. Making your oats at night is simple and it can save you time in the morning. 

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Seniors, Gentleness, and Personal Care, VA Southlake

An elderly woman looking at the camera.
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Caregivers have a lot on their shoulders. Not only do caregivers take care of their own needs, but they also care for the needs of others. Visiting Angels Southlake breaks down some reasons why gentleness is an important characteristic for caregivers. 

Visiting Angels Southlake starts off by explaining why it can be a challenge for caregivers to be gentle. To put it simply, a lot of physical support is required from caregivers. Caregivers are responsible for the needs of their clients, including their clients’ physical needs. If a senior needs help taking care of their personal hygiene, their caregiver needs to be able to provide the needed support. In other words, caregiver can struggle to find a balance between providing enough support while being gentle at the same time. 

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Visiting Angels Southlake Discusses Bathroom Safety for Seniors

A photo of a shower and tub.
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Many seniors are choosing to age in place because they feel the most comfortable within their own homes. While seniors can enjoy aging in place, with the help of a caregiver, they should keep in mind some safety concerns. Visiting Angels Southlake brings up safety tips for a senior’s bathroom. 

Visiting Angels Southlake shares a lot of tips that can help keep seniors safe in their bathrooms. For example, a senior can invest in a portable shower head and a bath chair. The portable shower head would allow a senior to clean themselves in a more comfortable or flexible way. Additionally, seniors can take a seat on their bath chair while using the portable shower head. Seniors can end up feeling less tired as they take care of their physical hygiene in a more relaxed manner. 

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Brain Games and Seniors, VA South Elgin

A chess board and its pieces.
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

It is still winter, and it continues to be cold outside in Illinois. If seniors are looking for ways to entertain themselves, while they are safe at home, they should try out brain games. There are plenty of benefits to brain games, Visiting Angels South Elgin discusses four benefits. 

One of the four benefits, that Visiting Angels South Elgin talks about, is seniors connecting with loved ones though brain games. In other words, seniors can play games with their loved ones and use that time to strengthen their bonds. Yes, seniors can still play many brain games alone, if that is what they prefer, but seniors can also play plenty of brain games with family or friends. 

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Great Teas for Seniors, VA South Elgin

A photo of tea with lemon.
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

In Illinois, the days are getting longer and warmer gradually; however, winter continues. During these cold days, you might be looking for some ways to stay warm. You could cook up some warm meals and drink some warm liquids, like tea. If you are looking for some teas to try out, take a look at Visiting Angels South Elgin’s suggestions. 

In total, there are six teas that Visiting Angels South Elgin discusses. Here are two examples from the list. 

  • Green Tea – Visiting Angels South Elgin starts off by talking about green tea because of its great healing properties. You see, green tea has been thought to slow cancer, improve cholesterol levels, and prevent heart diseases. Green tea is also great for preventing tooth decay and it can help improve a person’s blood pressure. 
  • Chamomile Tea – Other than green tea, chamomile tea is also amazing. If you suffer from insomnia, or if you just have a difficult time falling asleep at night, drink some soothing chamomile tea. All in all, chamomile tea has been known for helping people relax and fall asleep better. 

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Information About Glaucoma, VA North Fort Myers

Zoom in on a senior's eyes.
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Have you heard of glaucoma? It is fine if you have not, glaucoma is just something that you should have a bit of knowledge about, especially as you get older. If you would like to learn about glaucoma, check out Visiting Angels North Fort Myers‘ blog about glaucoma. 

Visiting Angels North Fort Myers starts off by explaining how there are not many symptoms of glaucoma when it first starts to develop. It can take a bit of time before noticeable symptoms start to appear. Essentially glaucoma is when the optic nerve is damaged by prolonged pressure. You see, fluid builds up in front of the eye which causes pressure to build behind the eye and the optic nerve is affected by that pressure. There are two types of glaucoma as well: primary open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. 

You might be wondering, how do people know they have glaucoma if it is difficult to detect early on? The answer is eye exams. Annual eye exams are important because they allow you to get an updated prescription, but they also allow a professional to take a look at the health of your eyes. A professional would be able to tell you if you are developing glaucoma. 

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Talking About Elderspeak, VA South Central Michigan

A photo of an elderly woman.
Image by Rajesh Balouria from Pixabay

Many people change their way of speaking when they are talking with an elder. If you also change your way of speaking, when talking to a senior, what kind of changes do you make? Visiting Angels South Central Michigan breaks down elderspeak. 

To put it bluntly, elderspeak is exactly how it sounds. Elderspeak is when a younger person changes their way of speaking when talking to an elder. The person speaks to a senior in a condescending and pitying way. Examples of elderspeak include the use of exaggerated affectionate words and the use of “we” or “use” instead of “you.” All in all, elderspeak can have a negative effect on seniors. Seniors can feel resentment, depression, and embarrassment. 

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Lewy Body Dementia, VA South Central Michigan

An elderly man sitting on a bench.
Image by Daniel Nebreda from Pixabay

There are different types of dementia. For instance, Alzheimer’s and Dewy body dementia both full under the dementia umbrella term. Visiting Angels South Central Michigan talks about Lewy body dementia in detail. 

To get started, Visiting Angels South Central Michigan explains how Lewy body dementia is a brain disease. The disease affects a person’s thinking, and it can affect someone’s mobility. What causes Lewy body dementia? The answer is a buildup of abnormal protein bodies; to be more specific, a buildup of Lewy bodies. If Lewy bodies build up in certain parts of the brain that are responsible for memory, movement, and thinking, a person’s brain can get damaged. 

Once Visiting Angels South Central Michigan finishes explaining how LBD develops, Visiting Angels then brings up a couple of symptoms. Visiting Angels offers a long list of Lewy body dementia symptoms. The following are a couple examples of symptoms from the list: pronounced memory loss, movement disorders, problems with sleep, depression, confusion, and reoccurring hallucinations. A professional caregiver can help those who have been diagnosed with LBD. 

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Visiting Angels Santa Clarita Shares Winter Safety Tips

An elderly man wearing a jacket.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The seasons are not the same across the country. Some states experience warmer summers, colder winters, etc. Those in California might not experience extreme winter conditions, but winter can still be tough. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita highlight some great safety tips for seniors in California. 

Visiting Angels Santa Clarita brings up five tips for seniors to make it through the winters in Cailfornia. One of the tips is to wear layers. Seniors can wear layers regardless if they are inside or outside. Of course, the layers should be thicker if seniors are going to be outside and exposed to the cold. Seniors can wear a cardigan over a long sleeve, long socks under pants, etc. Wearing layers also allow seniors to take off layers if they feel too warm at any point during their day. 

Additionally, seniors need to be careful if they are walking around outside. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita mentions how any water can freeze, on the ground, if the temperatures get low enough. A senior who is walking around, and who does not see the ice, can fall and seriously injure themselves. 

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