Osteoarthritis Information, VA Grand Junction

An elderly man holding a cane.
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The body goes through a lot of changes as the years pass by. While some changes take longer to notice than others, the body continues to change. If you have noticed that some aches and pains have gotten worse as you get older, you might be developing osteoarthritis. Visiting Angels Grand Junction shares information about osteoarthritis. 

Visiting Angels Grand Junction begins by explaining what osteoarthritis does to a person’s body. Basically, your joints have a protective cartilage. The cartilage is not only meant to protect your joints, it is also meant to cushion your joints. Osteoarthritis causes pain and discomfort because it wears down joint cartilage. Thus, if you think that your pain is increasing as time goes on, your joint cartilage might be wearing down. Osteoarthritis commonly develops in a person’s hips, spine, hands, and knees. 

After discussing how osteoarthritis affects people, Visiting Angels goes on to explain how you can slow down the progression of osteoarthritis. Believe it or not, exercise can help slow down the progression of osteoarthritis. High-impact exercises can do more damage, but low-impact exercises can strengthen a person’s joints. Low-impact exercises include walking, swimming, and yoga. 

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Alcohol Use, VA Wayzata

an orange drink with alcohol.
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Alcohol abuse not only affects young adults, excessive alcohol use can affect anyone. In other words, seniors can also have problems with alcohol. Visiting Angels Wayzata discusses alcohol abuse, and how you can talk to a senior loved about their alcohol use. 

When talking to your loved one about their relationship with alcohol, you should start off by letting them know how much you care. Visiting Angels Wayzata recommends starting the alcohol conversation by breaking down your concerns and why you are worried. Then, you can bring up some examples of why you are worried and how alcohol has affected your loved one in a negative way. Furthermore, when it comes to giving examples, try to be compassionate so your loved one does not feel embarrassed. 

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Visiting Angels Wayzata Discusses Aging Women

A woman outside looking into the distance.
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There are many factors that can affect a person as they age. Previous health issues, genetics, and even gender play important roles in aging. Visiting Angels Wayzata shares five conditions that women should know about as they get older. 

Below are two examples out of the five conditions that Visiting Angels Wayzata discusses. 

  • Alzheimer’s Disease – Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that affects a person’s memory and behavior. While both men and women can develop Alzheimer’s, women are more at risk for developing Alzheimer’s. Visiting Angels brings up how the Alzheimer’s Association claims that two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients are women. 
  • Breast Cancer – Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects women. Visiting Angels breaks down how breast cancer is when a lump forms inside a breast. The lump is made up of cancerous cells. Furthermore, breast cancer can spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. 

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Visiting Angels St. Louis Park Discusses Parkinson’s Disease

An elderly man sitting down and a woman by his side.
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Has your senior loved one been diagnosed with Parkinson’s? If they have been diagnosed, would you like to help? Parkinson’s is a disorder that affects a person’s movement and it comes with several symptoms as well. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park shares information about Parkinson’s and how you can support a loved one with Parkinson’s. 

If you would like to help your loved one, the first thing that you should do is educate yourself. Look up information about Parkinson’s and ask your loved one’s doctor for any specific information you should be aware of. Furthermore, if you realize that you need help caring for your loved one, feel free to reach out to Visiting Angels for support. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park can provide professional in-home care for your loved one. 

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Seniors and Physical Activities, VA St. Louis Park

An elderly man doing yoga on the floor.
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There are a variety of physical activities for people of all ages. There are also activities aimed for seniors. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park shares a list of different physical activities that could benefit seniors in the long run. Take a look for yourself. 

All in all, Visiting Angels St. Louis Park shares a list of five physical activities that seniors can benefit from. The following are two examples from the list. 

  • Believe it or not, seniors should try hiking. Minnesota actually has a lot of mountains for interested hikers. While hiking does seem dangerous for seniors, it does not need to be. Seniors just need to look up information on the mountain beforehand. Furthermore, a senior can go at their own pace and as far as they feel comfortable. 
  • Other than hiking, yoga is also a great form of physical activity for seniors. Yoga is great because it can help improve a person’s flexibility and balance. Every person can do the poses they feel the most comfortable doing. 

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Depression in Seniors, VA South Elgin

An elderly woman resting her head on her hand.
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Depression does not only impact the lives of certain people; depression can affect anyone. Seniors can be affected by depression because of the variety of changes that come with aging. Visiting Angels South Elgin discusses signs of depression to be on the lookout for. 

Visiting Angels South Elgin not only goes through signs of depression, but also brings up some things that can lead to depression later on in a senior’s life. When it comes to signs of depression, you should check in to see if your loved one is keeping up with their hobbies. If your loved one stopped keeping up with their favorite hobbies, or if they told you, they dislike their hobbies now, then you can consider it a sign of depression. 

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Helping Seniors Lower Their Blood Pressure, VA South Elgin

A photo of a blood pressure measuring device.
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Your blood pressure levels are important. There are various ways you can manage your blood pressure levels, if your levels tend to change often. Visiting Angels South Elgin offers some great tips that can help you lower your blood pressure levels. 

In the end, Visiting Angels South Elgin recommends a couple of great tips. First on the list of tips, is the option to lose weight. You see, the body tends to work harder when a person is overweight. Not only does the heart need to pump harder, but vascular resistance can also increase. In other words, the extra work the body needs to do, when overweight, can lead to higher blood pressure levels. Staying active and losing weight are great ways to manage your blood pressure levels. 

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Seniors Dealing with Social Isolation, VA Santa Clarita

An elderly man exercising with the help of a woman.
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Many seniors have been having a difficult time since the pandemic began. There are several seniors who are feeling the effects of social isolation. While social isolation is affecting many people, there are ways to combat it. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita brings up a couple of ways seniors can combat social isolation as the pandemic continues. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Santa Clarita shares has to do with purpose. Seniors who nurture a sense of purpose for themselves tend to feel less socially isolated. Every senior can think about their own life and come up with a sense of purpose that best suits them. For instance, a senior can be motivated by their safe volunteer work. Another senior could be motivated because of their pets. 

Visiting Angels Santa Clarita also brings up how seniors can try engaging their brains more. Like before, there are many things that can engage a person’s brain. For instance, a senior can try reading a book of their choice. A senior can also try playing some brain games online, completing a puzzle, and more. 

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Visiting Angels Ravenna Discusses Skin

An elderly couple standing side by side while smiling outside.
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Do you pay attention to your skin? Like your heart, lungs, and other important organs, your skin plays a big role. If your skin has been trying to tell you something, you might be able to find a clue in Visiting Angels Ravenna’s convenient list of skin information. 

When your skin is trying to tell you something, it will often give you signs to take into consideration. If you have noticed some signs, but you are not sure what to make of them, then take a look at the list provided by Visiting Angels Ravenna. Here is one example from the list. 

  • Tingling Skin Followed By Rash – if you are experiencing tingling on one side of your body, and the tingling is followed by a rash, you might be dealing with shingles. Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. So, if you had chickenpox before, you run the risk of developing shingles as well. Always make sure to visit your doctor to get a professional’s opinion. 

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Senior Hazards at Home, VA Crystal Lake

A photo of a home's exterior.
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When seniors are aging in place, they always need to make sure to pay attention to themselves and their surroundings. There are plenty of household hazards that can lead to some serious problems. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake highlights seven household hazards that seniors should be wary of. 

One, out of the seven, hazards that Visiting Angels Crystal Lake shares has to do with pests. Seniors should be aware of pest because they can bring in harmful bacteria and viruses from outside. A rodent, or another type of pest, can spread harmful bacteria all over a senior’s home. If a senior does notice a pest, they should hire a professional exterminator to deal with the problem immediately. 

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