Delicious Heart Healthy Foods

Heart shaped bowl filled with berries.
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Exercising and eating right are two ways that you can help keep your heart healthy. If you are struggling to figure out what foods are considered healthy, check out Elmhurst Extended Care Center’s most recent blog.  

EECC’s blog breaks down 7 foods that are both delicious and great for your heart. The first food that they suggest is berries. The berries can range from blueberries, strawberries, and more. Berries are great because they help the cells that line your blood vessels. With the extra help, blood pressure and blood clotting are better controlled. In other words, berries can reduce bad cholesterol and inflammation. 

If berries are not to your liking, you can always try including more dark chocolate in your diet. While adding chocolate might seem like a contradiction, it has actually proven to lower the risk of coronary heart disease by 57%. Dark chocolate helps decrease plaque buildup in arteries so your heart can be healthier. There are 5 more foods that EECC recommends if the first two do not catch your eye, so do not hesitate to read the whole blog. 

For more information, visit 7 Delicious Foods to Keep Your Heart Healthy


Respite Care for Family Caregivers in Lewisburg, PA

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Family caregivers are dedicated to providing the care their loved one needs. When a loved one develops a need for additional assistance at home, almost always a close family member will offer to care for them. However, as time goes on and their dependency becomes too demanding, it often leaves the family caregiver feeling stressed and emotionally, and mentally taxed. This is where respite care from Visiting Angels Lewisburg can come in to provide relief.

Visiting Angels of Lewisburg provides respite care for families throughout the surrounding communities. With this, family caregivers can get the relief they desperately need. Respite care from Visiting Angels allows family members the opportunity to step away from the role of caregiver and get the rest they need. One of the most important things about being a caregiver is remembering to also take care of oneself. With respite care from Visiting Angels Lewisburg, family caregivers are able to do this.

If you are in need of respite care services from Visiting Angels Lewisburg, you can contact them today to get started.

Home Care Services Tips for Caregivers in the Sandwich Generation

To be a part of the ‘sandwich generation’ means to have parents while being a parent yourself. When your parent develops a need for additional assistance at home, it can be difficult to be a family caregiver when you have to tend to your personal life as well. Balancing your life as a parent and as a caregiver is never easy, which is why Visiting Angels Lewisburg shares some tips.

One of the first things Visiting Angels suggests is to remain organized. Not only does this help you keep track of everything that’s going on, but it also helps you maintain a sense of calm. To maintain your organization, Visiting Angels suggest to utilize cloud storage. Unlike saving important documents in a file cabinet or on your computer, cloud storage provides another net of security and protection from documents being lost. Visiting Angels recommends to keep records of your parent’s medical records and tests, living will, and power of attorney credentials on the cloud. This ensures that if something were to happen to the hard copies, you still have an electronic version that you can access at any time.

This is just one way to maintain your organization when you’ve become a family caregiver in the sandwich generation. You can read the full list by heading over to Visiting Angels Lewisburg article:

Senior Home Care in Mount Healthy, OH

If you have a loved one in the Mount Healthy community, and they are in need of senior home care, Visiting Angels Cincinnati West is there to deliver high-quality care. As a leading home care provider, Visiting Angels is dedicated to delivering high-quality senior care that truly caters to your loved one’s needs.

Visiting Angels provides professional caregivers who are dedicated to delivering comprehensive senior home care. They’re able to tailor their services to your loved one’s specific needs and preferences. Unlike a senior living community, having a dedicated caregiver allows your loved one to receive individualized senior care.

Learn more about Visiting Angels Cincinnati West and the home care services they provide throughout the Mount Healthy community.

Honoring Your Caregiver

It’s important that we remember to express our appreciation for our caregivers. When our needs are being provided for, it’s easy to forget the fact that our caregivers are dedicating their own time to ensuring that we are cared for. To help, Visiting Angels Cincinnati West shares a few ways you can show your appreciation for your caregiver.

One way you can show your appreciation is to simply say so. Remember that your caregiver is putting in a lot of effort into ensuring that you’re taken care of. By just telling them how appreciative you are, it really helps them to find value in their hard work. In doing so, it helps them find the energy to continue providing the best service they can.

You can learn more about other ways to show a caregiver your appreciation by heading over to Visiting Angels Cincinnati West’s article:

Choosing Home Care Over a Senior Living Community

As we get older and reach the point where we may require additional assistance to get through the day, there are a number of options that we can choose. Where we may choose moving to a senior living community, Visiting Angels of Southlake discusses the advantages home care has.

One of the main advantages of choosing home care is rather obvious – being able to stay in your home. Many seniors wish to age in place – where they can spend the rest of their life in their home. Home is where many of our most precious memories lie and it can be jarring to permanently move to an unfamiliar environment. What’s more, home care allows you to have a professional caregiver come to you when it’s convenient and provide individualized care.

You can learn more about the advantages home care has over a senior living community by reading Visiting Angels Southlake’s article:

When Is It Normal Aging and When Is It Alzheimer’s?

As we get older, our bodies go through a series of changes. What we were once capable of in our younger days is hard to come by now that we are much older. Not only may we not be able to have the same physical performance as when we were younger, but our cognitive abilities may also slow down as well. One thing many seniors are concerned with nowadays is whether they are having a ‘senior moment’ or an early sign of Alzheimer’s. Visiting Angels South Elgin chimes in on the matter.

Visiting Angels notes that normal signs of aging can be indicated by ‘normal forgetfulness’. This means that when we forget things such as where our car keys went, dates to certain events, and maybe even directions. These are all normal signs of aging. Where you ought to be concerned, however, is when you start to forget things more frequently. Visiting Angels notes that on top of frequent forgetfulness, forgetting things such as the names of family members and even daily rituals such as self grooming can also indicate signs of Alzheimer’s.

You can read more about the differences of seniors moments from signs of Alzheimer’s by heading over to Visiting Angels South Elgin’s article:

Supporting a Family Caregiver

When a loved one needs additional assistance at home, a family member will typically have to step up and assume the role of caregiver. When this happens, they run the risk of losing their identity of daughter or son as well as the ability to tend to their personal life. As time goes on and the needs of a loved one becomes more demanding, family caregivers will ultimately feel ill-equipped to provide the proper level of care. To help support family caregivers, Visiting Angels Santa Clarita shares some insight on what you can do to help.

One of the most important things to support a family caregiver is to allow them time off. Providing senior care for a loved one is never easy. When their needs become more demanding, it takes time away from the family caregiver’s personal life. As they spend a majority of their time providing care, they may witness, firsthand, their loved one losing their sense of self to dementia or Alzheimer’s. The emotional and physical toll can be much too great to handle all on their own. That is why Visiting Angels recommends to allow your family caregiver time away to give them the opportunity to get back to their own family and personal life, and to recharge.

This is just one piece of insight Visiting Angels Santa Clarita provides. You can read more about supporting a family caregiver by heading over to their article:

The Benefits of Exercising as a Senior

Happy senior couple sitting on fitness balls with dumbbells in the medical office

As we get older, we tend to realize that our bodies are not what they use to be. With those physical changes, we tend to become less physically active. When we think about exercising as a senior, we may believe that it can be outside the scope of what older adults are capable of. However, Visiting Angels Barrington shares all the benefits exercise has to offer.

One of the greatest benefits exercise can provide for seniors is improving heart health. By regularly exercising, you strengthen your heart, which in turn leads to improved blood flow and lowered blood pressure. Visiting Angels notes that if you have a history of heart surgery or heart health complications, there are still benefits to exercise. In coordination with your physician, you can still exercise and reap all the benefits that it has to offer. The important thing to remember, in this case, is to be mindful of your limits and prevent yourself from overdoing it.

You can read more about all the benefits exercising has to offer for seniors by reading Visiting Angels Barrington’s article: