Visiting Angels Cullman Answers Questions

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If you are looking for a home care provider for your aging loved one, you probably have some questions in mind. Check out the common questions that Visiting Angels Cullman answers. The following is one example of an answered questioned. 

What is private duty care?  

Seniors who need help in their day-to-day lives can rely on private duty care. A professional caregiver can help seniors keep up with their personal hygiene, buy groceries, and more. Furthermore, if a senior is taking multiple medications, their caregiver can help them keep track of the medications. Other than daily assistance, respite care is also a part of private duty care. 

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Home Care Services, VA Cullman

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There are a bit of differences between elder care and in-home care services. If you are not sure about the differences, just take a look at the explanation Visiting Angels Cullman provides. Here is a quick summary of the explanation provided. 

First it is important to understand that in-home elder care is more of a long-term solution than in-home services. How is elder care more long-term? Seniors depend on home care providers in order to age in place for as long as possible. Thus, elder care can provide seniors with support for as long as needed or as long as possible. In-home care is more short-term. For instance, those who get discharged from the hospital can rely on home care while they are healing. Once the healing is done, home care is not needed anymore. 

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Exercise Ideas for the Warm Months, VA Horsham

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The winter months can be physical and mentally draining because of the cold temperatures and limited amount of sunlight. It makes sense that people start to become more active when the warmer months roll in because of the reintroduction to warm temperatures and longer days. Visiting Angels Horsham shares a list of exercises that people can enjoy this spring. 

Jogging is something that people tend to avoid in the winter because of the ice and snow. However, during the rest of the year, jogging is always a great way to exercise. Jogging is not only great because it allows people to get fresh air, it also allows everyone to run at their own pace. Some people jog fast, others take their time. Visiting Angels Horsham just highlights the fact that people should invest in running shoes if they do decide to jog. 

While people can do yoga throughout the whole year, it is especially nice to do yoga during the warm months. When the weather is warm, a person can take their yoga mat and head outside to their backyard or a nice location. Doing yoga outside allows people to connect to their surroundings while exercising. 

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Dementia Signs, VA Cincinnati West

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Although many seniors develop dementia, that does not mean that dementia should be expected with age. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West brings up six signs of dementia you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your senior loved one. 

For starters, it is important to understand that every person responds to dementia differently. Yes, there are common symptoms but that does not mean that all dementia patients experience certain symptoms. The following are three, out of the six, signs Visiting Angels shares. 

  • Neglecting personal safety, hygiene and nutrition 
  • Getting lost in familiar places – Inability to backtrack or retrace steps 
  • Forgetting things recently learned, important dates, names or other important information 

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Lonely Seniors, VA Cincinnati West

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Loneliness can be a difficult thing for seniors to experience. Do you think that your senior loved one has been feeling lonely lately? If you do, there are ways you can help your loved one. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West brings up a couple of ways you can help your loved one curb their loneliness. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Cincinnati West shares is to develop a routine with your loved one. You do not need to make your loved one’s routine by yourself. You can sit down with you senior loved one to work on their routine together. As you build the routine, make sure to provide your aging loved one with plenty of things to do, but do not overwhelm them. You can set a sleep time, breakfast time, dinner time, and outdoor time. The routine just depends on your loved one. 

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Millennials Becoming Caregivers, VA Farmington

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Some seniors are admitted into nursing homes to receive the care that they need. Other seniors decide to age in place with the help of a caregiver. Visiting Angels Farmington discusses how millennial caregivers are helping their senior loved ones. 

At the moment, the baby boomer generation has grown old enough to need support from others. As a result, millennials have stepped up to provide the needed support. While millennial family caregivers are trying their best to provide the needed assistance, caring for another person is a big responsibility. Visiting Angels Farmington talks about some of the challenges that millennials are facing. For example, millennials have delayed higher education and stalled careers in order to focus on their caregiver responsibilities. 

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Simple Exercises for Seniors, VA Farmington

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Exercising is a great way for seniors to take care of their physical and mental health. The problem is, many seniors avoid exercising because they are afraid of getting injured. Yes, injuries can occur while exercising, but there are plenty of benefits that also come along with exercise. Visiting Angels Farmington names a couple of exercises seniors can do from the comfort of home. 

Chairs can be used for exercise. Visiting Angels Farmington shares three exercises that can be performed with the help of a chair. First there are seated front shoulder raises. Then there are tummy twists. Lastly there are chair squats. Chair exercises can be performed with or without weights as well. Here is how a senior can perform one of the three chair exercises. 

If a senior would like to perform tummy twists, they should look for a medicine ball or similar object to hold. The object does not need to be a certain weight, a senior should feel comfortable holding and lifting it. Once a senior has an object, they can place it on their lap. A senior then needs to position themselves at the end of a chair with their chest forward and a tightened core. To perform a tummy twist, a senior just needs to turn with the ball in hand, recenter, turn to the opposite side and repeat. 

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Signs of Depression in Seniors, VA Chelmsford

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Depression can affect anyone. Seniors are even at risk for depression. There are various reasons why a person could feel depressed and there are various signs that can indicate when someone is depressed. Visiting Angels Chelmsford discusses signs of depression that can be seen in seniors. 

To see the signs that Visiting Angels Chelmsford shares, you need to make sure to take a look at your loved one and their actions carefully. After all, some signs of depression are less noticeable than others. For instance, is your loved one taking care of themselves? If your senior loved one has stopped showering, changing their clothes, or brushing their teeth, that could be taken as a sign of depression. 

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Beating the Heat, VA Chelmsford

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As the days get warmer, seniors need to be careful. A senior’s body does not regulate temperature the same way it used to, so heat can be quite dangerous for a senior. Visiting Angels Chelmsford shares ten tips for seniors. 

The hot temperatures can affect anyone, not just seniors. The following are two, out of ten, examples of tips that are meant to help seniors deal with the heat. 

  • Windows – As mentioned earlier, seniors have a hard time regulating body heat as they get older. Visiting Angels recommends opening a couple of windows when temperatures are high. Opening windows allows air to circulate and a nice breeze can have a chance to enter. Seniors can also buy some fans or an air conditioner. 
  • Liquid – Seniors also tend to lose fluids faster as they age. Hot weather and overheating can leave seniors with even less water. As the days get warmer, seniors should make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water with some cut up fruit would also make for a refreshing drink. 

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Considering Home Care, VA Douglasville

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Seeing a senior loved one age at home alone is not easy. You could always hire a professional caregiver to support your loved one, but it is best to plan for that transition a head of time. Visiting Angels Douglasville breaks down four ways you can plan for home care. 

Before you decide to hire a professional caregiver, make sure to have a conversation with your senior loved one over the matter. Visiting Angels Douglasville recommends talking to your loved one as soon as you can. You see, the sooner you have the talk with your loved one, the more time you both will have to work things out. Remember to listen to your loved one when they are speaking. Your senior loved one might have questions and concerns that you can work through together. 

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