Helping Seniors Stay Healthy, VA Santa Clarita 

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Are you worried about your senior loved one’s health this holiday season? The holidays can be an eventful and stressful time. Consider taking a look at the helpful advice Visiting Angels Santa Clarita shares about senior health during the holiday season. 

When a person thinks of the holidays, they usually think of food. While not all meals are the same, most holidays meals are not healthy. Yes, a senior can enjoy some delicious holiday meals, but a senior should also try to keep track of how much they are eating. Furthermore, a senior should try their best to eat healthy snacks or meals during the holidays. 

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Cold and Flu Season, VA Ravenna 

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Do you know when the cases for the cold and flu tend to be at their highest? Cold and flu cases tend to increase during the colder months of the year. Visiting Angels Ravenna highlights tips that can help seniors stay healthy this winter. 

Social distancing is important year-round, but seniors should try to pay special attention to social distancing during the winter. A senior should try to stay at least six feet apart from another person, and they should wear a mask. In addition to social distancing, seniors should also remember to wash their hands often. Clean hands can prevent the spread of a lot of germs. 

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Stress-Free Holidays, VA Punta Gorda 

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The holidays are associated with happy and peaceful times; however, not everyone feels the same way about the holidays. If your senior loved one is often stressed during the holidays, take a look at the helpful advice Visiting Angels Punta Gorda shares. 

Does your senior loved one stress about their home decorations during the holidays? If they do, you can try to help them slow down. Try to sit down with your loved one to organize all their decorations. After looking through everything they own, your loved one can pick out a few decorations they would like to use. You can then help your loved one hang up those decorations. 

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Seniors, Loneliness, and the Holidays, VA North Ft Myers 

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Everyone responds to the holidays differently. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers offers advice to help seniors reduce the loneliness they may feel during this holiday season. 

There are some seniors who might be feeling down because they cannot meet face to face with their family and friends. If that is the case, a senior can try to reach out to their loved ones in other ways. A senior can learn how to use technology to video chat and message their loved ones. Furthermore, a senior can call and send letters. 

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Visiting Angels Leominster Talks About the Holidays 

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At the end of the day, senior caregivers attend to seniors during the holidays as well. Visiting Angels Leominster’s caregivers discuss the best parts of their job during the holidays.  

The first topic that Visiting Angels Leominster brings up is food. During the holidays, people tend to cook more delicious and meticulous meals. Professional caregivers lend their elderly clients a hand in the kitchen. While helping their clients, caregivers can learn how to make amazing meals; plus, they can strengthen their bonds with their clients. 

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Activities for the Whole Family, VA Jasper 

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If you are looking for fun activities that you can enjoy with your whole family, you have come to the right place. Visiting Angels Jasper brings up a couple of great suggestions for family activities. The first activity that Visiting Angels recommends is a family game night. You do not need to play a specific game during your family game night; additionally, you can decide how many games to play. Just try to have fun playing games with the people you love. 

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The Importance of Handwashing, VA Hurst 

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At the end of the day, the pandemic made people all over the world realize how important handwashing is. If you would like to learn about the benefits of handwashing, and how a person should wash their hands, take a look at the information Visiting Angels Hurst highlights. To wash your hands properly, you can begin by wetting your hands with water. Then you can cover your hands in soap and scrub for twenty seconds. Finally, rinse off the soap and dry your hands. 

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Activities for the Whole Family, VA Horsham 

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Now that the holidays are here, families are looking into some fun activities that can be enjoyed together. Visiting Angels Horsham brings up a couple of family-friendly activities that many families can enjoy. 

Have you tried hosting a family movie night before? First, you can decide on the movie, then set up the sitting area, make some snacks, and you are done. To pick a movie, you can make the choice by yourself or you can involve the whole family. To involve the whole family, you just need to pass around small pieces of paper and ask each person to write a movie they want to see. Then mix up the paper pieces and choose the movie at random. 

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Staying in Touch, VA White Plains 

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Most families tend to catch up around the holidays; however, once the holidays come to an end, seniors can end up feeling lonely. You should try your best to stay in contact with your senior loved ones year-round. In fact, your aging loved one can experience mental, physical, and social benefits if you decide to keep in touch. Visiting Angels White Plains discusses the benefits that seniors can experience in more detail. 

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Upgrading a Senior’s Home, VA White Plains 

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There are various things that families tend to worry about when senior loved ones say they want to age in place. For instance, many families wonder about their loved one’s safety at home. Visiting Angels White Plains discusses how you can make your loved one’s home more accessible. 

All in all, there are many things that you can do to make a senior loved one’s home more accessible. For instance, you can take a look at any rugs they may have around their home. If your loved one has rugs, make sure that they are non-slip rugs. If you find any regular rugs, you can always add some non-slip attachments to the rugs. 

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