Emotional Wellness in Seniors, VA South Elgin

An elderly man resting his head on his hand.
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Your physical health is not the only thing that you need to worry about as you get older. Most of the time seniors tend to focus on their physical health by eating healthy and exercising; however, seniors also need to take care of themselves mentally. Visiting Angels South Elgin breaks down the importance of emotional wellness in seniors. 

Everyone experiences stress, it is not something that you can escape from as you get older. While you cannot escape stress, you can develop some healthy coping mechanisms to help you deal with your stress. Instead of binge eating or avoiding your problems, Visiting Angels South Elgin recommends talking a walk or journaling.  

Other than learning how to deal with your stress in a healthy way, Visiting Angels South Elgin also discusses the importance of sleep. How many hours of sleep are you getting every night? If you are not getting a sufficient amount of sleep both your mental health and physical health will be impacted negatively. Try to get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night so that you wake up feeling refreshed mentally and physically. 

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Long Term Care for Seniors, VA Santa Clarita

An older man writing on a piece of paper.
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As people get older, there are more and more things that they need to plan for. Seniors often plan for a variety of things, like their retirement. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita breaks down the importance of long-term planning for seniors, especially when it comes to their will and appointing a power of attorney. 

If you have not heard of a will before, it is essentially a statement left behind by someone who has died. The will determines how someone’s possessions are divided after death. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita emphasizes how all adults should write out a will. Wills are very important for seniors. Seniors should make sure to sit down and think about everything that they will leave behind when they pass away. If a senior passes away, and they do not leave a will behind, the government divides their possessions. 

Seniors should also remember to name a power of attorney, or POA, as soon as they can. The POA, that a senior appoints, becomes in charge of the senior’s health and finances in case the senior finds themselves incapacitated. 

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Visiting Angels West Cincinnati Discusses Home Care

An elderly woman sitting down and reading a book.
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Knowing when you should hire professional help for your aging loved one can be difficult. Many seniors will not say if they need help because they do not realize it themselves. If you would like a list of signs to be on the lookout for, when it comes to your aging loved one, take a look at the list that Visiting Angels Cincinnati West provides. 

You need to be very observant when deciding if your loved one needs professional assistance or not. First, take a look at their physical appearance. Do they look like they are showering regularly and changing their clothes? Visiting Angels Cincinatti West explains how seniors who struggle to bathe by themselves, and change their clothes regularly, benefit from a professional caregiver. If you believe you senior loved one can no longer take care of their physical hygiene, by themselves, that can be a sign that your loved one needs a caregiver. 

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Midwest Autumn, VA Cincinnati West

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Seniors had to be careful during the summer because of the unbearable heat; however, now that the weather is getting cooler, seniors can start enjoying autumn. There are a variety of things that seniors can do at home to celebrate. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West brings up four specific ways that seniors can enjoy the Midwest autumn. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Cincinnati West shares is to find your happy place. What does that mean? Well, the meaning can change depending on the person. Seniors should try to find things that make them happy during the fall season. For instance, some seniors can enjoy watching the sunset, and others can enjoy strolls around their neighborhoods. All in all, seniors should try to connect with nature during autumn because winter will freeze everything. 

Second of all, seniors should engage their senses. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West discusses how memories are often connected to various smells and tastes. Seniors can use this season to cook meals that bring up happy memories for them. Furthermore, seniors can try planting a herb garden to add some fresh seasoning to their meals. A caregiver can provide seniors with the needed support as they cook or start their indoor garden. 

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In-Home Caregivers, VA Punta Gorda

An elderly woman next to a younger woman.
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If your senior loved one would like to age in place, they do not have to do it alone. You can help your loved one; however, if you are too busy, you can hire a professional in-home caregiver to support your loved one. Take a look at the steps that Visiting Angels Punta Gorda shares, as you decide on a caregiver for your loved one.  

What is the first thing that you should take into consideration when looking into caregivers? Your loved one’s needs. Visiting angels Punta Gorda recommends making a list of your loved one’s needs. The needs can be medical, physical, or mental. As long as your aging loved one needs help with something, it should be added onto the list. You can then ask the caregivers, you are looking into, if they can provide your loved one with all the support you have listed. 

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Caregivers Can Protect Their Backs, VA Punta Gorda

A photo of a woman showing where her back pain is.
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Caregivers have a physically, and mentally, tasking job. There are a lot of things that caregivers must do for their clients that can wear out their bodies, specifically their backs. To help caregivers take better care of their backs, Visiting Angels Punta Gorda shares four tips. Here are two of the tips below. 

First of all, caregivers should consider how they are lifting their clients, and objects in general. If a caregiver is putting all the weight on their back, and using their back to lift, they will come across some sort of back pain later on in the future. Thus, Visiting Angels Punta Gorda reminds caregivers to lift with their legs. If caregivers lift with their legs, their backs suffer less. Caregivers should bend their knees and keep their backs straight while lifting anything. 

Other than remembering to lift properly, caregivers should also take a look at the object when they are lifting it. The further away the object is to a caregiver’s body, the more difficult it is to lift up. The closer the object is, the easier it will be to lift. 

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Strategies to Prevent Falls, VA North Fort Myers

An elderly man sitting down on a sofa.
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Once time starts to affect the body, a variety of things can change within a person. Seniors start to take better care of themselves by avoiding things like unhealthy food and falling. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers brings up some ways that seniors can prevent some falls. 

Overall, there are four suggestions that Visiting Angels North Fort Myers brings up. For one, seniors should try to stay active. Yes, it might be difficult for seniors to move around and stay active, but living a sedentary life is not the solution. In fact, living a sedentary life could weaken and decondition the body. Seniors should consult their doctor to discuss the best way to stay active. Some light activities include yoga and walking. 

Other than staying active, seniors should also keep an eye on their medication. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers points out how some seniors can experience more falls due to side effects in their medications. Seniors should check to see if their medications can cause dizziness, disorientation, or anything similar. Seniors can then talk to their doctors to try and find a solution to deal with the side effects caused by the medication. 

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Visiting Angels Wayzata, A Home Care Provider

Two elderly people talking on a swing.
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There are many reasons why a senior would want to age in place. Some seniors prefer to age in a place that feels familiar. Others do not want to leave because the want to live a more independent life. Regardless of the reason, Visiting Angels Wayzata is a home care provider that can help seniors age at home comfortably. 

First, Visiting Angels Wayzata starts off by saying that not all seniors need assistance at home. Many seniors can continue to care for themselves as the years go by. However, there comes a time in which those seniors cannot care for themselves anymore because of their aging bodies and minds. A professional caregiver can step up to help a senior when they need help.  

Furthermore, there are seniors who need more help than others. Some seniors have medical conditions that affect how they age at home. Seniors who have a medical condition must look for a home care provider that can provide them with personalized care and or a specific service. Visiting Angels Wayzata offers a variety of services that can benefit seniors who have medical conditions or seniors who just need a helping hand here and there. 

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Trust and Your Home Care Agency, VA Sarasota

A picture of an elderly man holding a cane.
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Home care agencies need to build trust with their clients, and their clients’ families. The agency is in charge of their client’s wellbeing, so communication and trust is a must. However, how does one build trust with their home care agency? Take a look at Visiting Angels Sarasota’s suggestions. 

Before thinking about building trust, clients need to be aware of the fact that they cannot build up the trust alone. In order to build trust, both sides need to put in effort and communicate with one another. Thus, clients and home care agencies need to work together. Visiting Angels Sarasota also mentions how clients should look at, and communicate with, a variety of agencies in the first place. When deciding on an agency, clients should choose one that offers the best kind of communication for them. 

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Visiting Angels Sarasota’s Fall Prevention Tips

A photo of a living room.
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The body becomes more fragile with age, it is just a part of the natural cycle of life. As a result, seniors are advised to avoid falls because any fall can lead to serious injuries. To help seniors avoid falls, Visiting Angels Sarasota shares a list of 4 great fall prevention tips. Below are 2 of the tips. 

The first tip that Visiting Angels Sarasota brings up is to clean. Seniors should try to keep their homes clean. To be more specific, seniors should try to keep their floors clutter free. Why keep the floors clean? Because the more clutter there is on the floor, the more things a senior can accidently trip over. If a floor is clean, the chances of falling decrease because there is nothing for a senior to trip over. 

Furthermore, seniors should make sure that their homes have sufficient lighting. If seniors can see what is on the floor, or in front of them, they can avoid things that could make them fall. Seniors should also be aware of lighting during the nighttime. Having LEDS lining the hallway, bathroom, and bedroom and help them move around safely at night. 

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