Home Care and FAQs, VA Sarasota

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When people think of senior care, two options usually spring to mind: home care and nursing care facilities. If you have an aging loved one, who can no longer care for themselves, you should ask them where they would like to age. Take a look at the commonly asked home care questions that Visiting Angels Sarasota answers. 

To begin, Visiting Angels Sarasota answers an important question. What is private duty care? 

Private duty care is when a senior receives professional support within their own home. A home care provider, like Visiting Angels, assigns a professional caregiver to a senior. The caregiver is then in charge of making sure that their client is well cared for. If a senior needs help preparing a meal, their caregiver will help them. If a client needs help taking care of their personal hygiene, their caregiver will provide the needed assistance respectfully. 

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Visiting Angels Sarasota Talks About Preventing Heart Disease

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As time flies by, you will need to take care of yourself more and more. There are several ways you can take care of yourself mentally and physically; plus, the more you care for yourself, the less health problems might arise during your senior years. Visiting Angels Sarasota discusses six habits that can help you prevent heart disease. 

Visiting Angels Sarasota starts off by explaining how you should take care of your overall wellbeing. You see, when you take care of your overall health, your heart health also benefits. So, what is one way to take care of yourself? Visiting Angels’ first habit recommendation is to exercise. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, or 150 minutes a week, can benefit your physical, mental, and heart health. You can do aerobics, you can walk, you can do yoga, and you can do whatever kind of exercise that will get you up and moving. 

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Communicate With Seniors Who Cannot Speak, VA South Elgin

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Aging comes with a lot of mental and physical changes. Many seniors tend to struggle with communication as the years pass. Are you struggling to communicate with an aging loved one? Visiting Angels South Elgin offers some great advice that can help you. 

If your loved one has recently started to develop speech issues, Visiting Angels South Elgin explains why you should continue to talk with your loved one as you would before the issues began to develop. You could feel a bit frustrated, here and there, because it can feel like you are talking at your senior loved one, but your loved one will appreciate your effort. By talking with your aging loved one, you are showing them that you still want to keep them involved in the conversation. 

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Nutritious Snacks, VA South Elgin

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In the end of the day, snacking can be good and bad. You see, snacking can provide a person with the nutrients they need, if they eat healthy snacks. However, snacking on junk food can affect someone’s health negatively. Visiting Angels South Elgin goes through five easy snack swaps for those who are looking for nutritious snacks. 

If you would like to switch out some of your unhealthy snacks for nutritious snacks, take a look at the swaps that Visiting Angels South Elgin recommends. Here are two, out of the five, examples of snacks. 

  • Kale Chips – Do you currently enjoy snacking on potato chips? If you do, you should consider swapping out your potato chips for kale chips. Visiting Angels explains how potato chips have a lot of sodium and artificial flavors. If you would like some nutritious chips, kale chips are the way to go. Kale chips preserve their nutritional value including fiber and antioxidants. 
  • Avocados – If you love to eat veggie dip, you should consider switching your veggie dip for some simple avocados. You can mash avocados to get the same consistency as veggie dip; plus, avocados contain a lot of great fat that can h 

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Visiting Angels St. Louis Park Discusses Home Care Consultations

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If you are looking for a dependable home care provider for your aging loved one, you are probably doing a lot of research. As you look into home care providers, you should also consider a home care consultation. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park talks about the ins and outs of home care consultations. 

Visiting Angels St. Louis Park begins by stressing the importance of consulting with your loved one before scheduling the home care consultation. Your loved one might have a different opinion when it comes to home care, and you should listen to their point of view before scheduling a meeting. You can ask your loved one what they have concerns about. You can also ask, if they are looking for something specific from a care provider. 

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The Road and Non-Driving Seniors, VA St. Louis Park

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As seniors age, they will find themselves needing more help in their daily lives. There even comes a time where seniors must give up their spot behind the wheel. It can be difficult for seniors to give up on driving; however, Visiting Angels St. Louis Park shares some ways seniors can stay on the road without being behind the wheel. 

The first mode of transportation is public transportation. As time goes on, there are more bus and train routes created to make public transportation more efficient. At the moment, many seniors might be wary of public transportation because of the ongoing pandemic, but it is always there for those who need to get somewhere. 

If a senior is under Visiting Angels St. Louis Park’s care, their professional caregiver can always arrange a form of transportation. A caregiver will make sure their client gets to the places they want, or need, to get to. 

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Seniors and Sleep Remedies, VA Wayzata

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Would you say that you have no problem falling asleep at night? If you find it difficult to fall asleep, know that you are not alone. In fact, many people struggle to fall asleep. Visiting Angels Wayzata offers natural remedies for those who struggle to fall asleep. 

The first thing that a person, who is struggling with their sleep, should do is visit their doctor. A doctor might be able to find an underlying reason why a person is struggling to fall asleep. Examples of underlying problems include anxiety and depression. At the end, the doctor might not find anything. Even if person is not diagnosed with an underlying medical condition, they might be able to receive some great advice from their doctor. 

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Seniors, Health, and Cancer, VA Wayzata

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Do you know what some of the leading causes of death, within the United States, are? Heart disease is a serious problem, but so is cancer. The number of cancer patients are increasing as time goes on. Visiting Angels Wayzata brings up a couple of ways people can reduce their risk of cancer. 

Before discussing how people can reduce their cancer risk, Visiting Angels Wayzata talks about different types of cancer. There is lung cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and more. While lowering the risk of developing cancer is possible, a person cannot prevent all cancer. In other words, Visiting Angels Wayzata offers four suggestions that can help lower the risks related to cancer, but not prevent cancer altogether. Here are two examples of the four suggestions. 

  • Tobacco – Are you a tobacco smoker? If you are, you should consider quitting. Visiting Angels Wayzata explains how smoking tobacco can increase the risk for lung cancer, and a lot of other cancers as well. Examples of other cancers that can develop include bladder cancer, colon cancer, and stomach cancer. 
  • Weight – Maintaining a healthy weight can help anyone in the long run. Those who are overweight often deal with increased operation risks. Those increase risks can be dangerous if a person develops cancer and they need an operation. 

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Visiting Angels West Cincinnati and Elderspeak

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Every senior is their own person who has lived their own life. During their long life, a senior develops their own opinions, preferences, likes, dislikes, and more. Visiting Angels West Cincinnati breaks down why caregivers should not use elderspeak when interacting with seniors. 

To begin, Visiting Angels West Cincinnati defines elderspeak. If a person uses a unique speech pattern when addressing an elder, they are most likely using elderspeak. Elderspeak can include using “we” instead of “you”, assuming that a senior is helpless, and simplifying grammar. Seniors tend to have a negative reaction towards elderspeak because the change of speech pattern makes seniors feel like they are being looked down upon. Thus, caregivers, and people in general, should avoid using elderspeak. 

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The Importance of Love, VA West Cincinnati

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What is the one thing that people rely on during challenging times? There are many answers that can come to mind, but the love of family and friends is pretty important. Giving and receiving love, especially during hard times, can make a world of difference. Visiting Angels West Cincinnati is a home care provider that can provide support for families who need it. 

There are more and more seniors who wish to age in place nowadays. The problem is, not all families can provide their senior loved ones with the needed support. As a result, seniors may struggle with day-to-day tasks alone as they continue to age in place. Families tend to feel guilty because they cannot provide the needed support, but many families cannot find the time to provide the support. Instead of worrying, and feeling guilty, families can hire a Visiting Angels West Cincinnati caregiver. A professional caregiver can provide the needed help. 

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