Products and Gadgets for Seniors, VA Farmington MO 

A pill organizer full of gummy bears.
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Seniors struggle with various things when aging in place alone. There are a couple of different products that can help seniors age in place more comfortably. Visiting Angels Farmington MO brings up some gadgets that can help seniors who are aging in place. The following is a shortened version of the list Visiting Angels shares. 

  1. Pill organizers 
  2. Multipurpose grip aids for small objects 
  3. Dressing stick 
  4. Long-handled grabbers 
  5. Long-handled brushes or combs 

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Brain Health, VA Farmington MO 

A candle in the shape of a brain on an empty surface.
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Seniors experience physical and mental changes as they grow older. If a senior would like to take care of their brain health, there are multiple ways to do so. Visiting Angels Farmington MO highlights five habits that can help a senior take care of their brain. 

The first habit that Visiting Angels Farmington MO brings up is socializing. Seniors should try their best to continue to socialize with others as they grow older. Social isolation can do a lot of damage to people of all ages, especially seniors. A senior should try to socialize with another person for at least thirty minutes every day. A senior can chat with someone face-to-face but they can also call others or video chat with others. 

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Visiting Angels Crystal Lake’s Advice for Supporting Family Caregivers 

A woman helping her elderly parent.
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Family caregivers play important roles in the lives of others. If you have noticed that the caregiver in your family has been struggling lately, consider taking a look at the advice Visiting Angels Crystal Lake shares. There are a couple of ways you can support a caregiver. For instance, you can lend them an ear when they need to vent their worries and frustrations. You can also lend them a hand when they are looking for help. 

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Cold Weather and Seniors, VA Crystal Lake 

Two seniors outside in the winter.
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Soon winter will come to an end. However, the temperatures will continue to be cold for a couple more weeks. If you would like to help your senior loved one deal with the cold weather, consider taking a look at the advice Visiting Angels Crystal Lake goes through. 

One of the first things you should take into consideration is learning about the impact of cold weather on seniors. In other words, do you know why seniors are sensitive to the cold? If you do not know, there is no need to worry. Visiting Angels brings up a couple of reasons why seniors are sensitive to the cold. First, Visiting Angels points out how a person’s metabolism and response to cold temperatures slows down with age. 

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Immune Boosting Soups, VA Chelmsford 

Two bowls of soup and bread.
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While winter is coming to an end, the cold weather will still last for a couple more weeks. If you would like some soup ideas to try out during the remaining cold weeks, take a look at the soups Visiting Angels Chelmsford brings up. One of the soups is called garlic soup. As the name implies, garlic soup is made using a lot of garlic. Garlic soup is actually great because of its anti-viral properties and anti-inflammatory agents. 

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Family Caregiver Misconceptions, VA Chelmsford 

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Have you been thinking about becoming your aging loved one’s caregiver? If you have been considering taking on the caregiver role, make sure to do your research on senior care. Visiting Angels Chelmsford brings up five misconceptions that often come up about family caregivers. 

One of the five misconceptions is that men do not step up to become caregivers. A lot of people assume that wives, daughters, and mothers are the only ones who decide to become family givers; however, that is not true. As time goes on, more men are becoming caregivers. Believe it or not, men make up around 40% of caregivers nowadays. In other words, men are also actively taking on family caregiver roles. 

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Visiting Angels Chadds Ford Discusses a Senior’s Appetite 

A grandmother eating with her granddaughter.
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As time goes on, families tend to notice a change in a senior loved one’s appetite. Many seniors experience a loss of appetite as they grow older. Visiting Angels Chadds Ford brings up six reasons why a senior may lose their appetite. The reasons range from changing senses, reduced hunger, and so on. The last reason Visiting Angels mentions is mental health. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation can result in a loss of appetite. 

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Supporting Caregivers, VA Chadds Ford 

A woman sitting with an elderly woman on a park bench.
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Being the family caregiver comes with pros and cons. One of the cons being stress. Being the family caregiver can take up a lot of time and energy; furthermore, it can be emotionally exhausting. Visiting Angels Chadds Ford goes through a couple of ways you can support the caregiver in your family. 

In the long run, simply being there and listening can make a big difference. The caregiver in your family could benefit from having someone to listen to their frustrations and worries. When listening to a caregiver, try to just sit and listen. You can offer advice if they ask for some advice, but if you offer advice without being asked to, it might be seen as intrusive or judgmental. 

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Hospital Stays and Readmissions, VA Barrington 

a medical stethoscope.
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If you have recently heard the news that your loved one will be healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital, that is great news. Just keep in mind that your loved one could still be recovering after their hospital discharge. So, it is important to provide your loved one with the necessary support when they return home.  Visiting Angels Barrington breaks down how you can care for a loved one who has been released from the hospital. 

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Palliative Care At-Home, VA Barrington 

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If you are interested in learning about palliative care, it is important to start off with the basics first. For example, do you know what palliative care is? Visiting Angels Barrington explains how patients who suffer from a type of chronic illness can benefit from palliative care services. Palliative care is meant to provide patients with a form of comfort and support. 

Visiting Angels Barrington will focus on four areas of care while providing a client with palliative care. The first area of care is physical needs. A professional caregiver will do their best to provide their client with the physical support they need. The second area of care is emotional needs. A caregiver will learn about a client’s favorite routines, activities, and so on. The caregiver will then try to incorporate those things into their client’s life. 

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