Information For Seniors Who Drink Coffee, VA North Fort Myers

Coffee beans in a coffee cup.
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As people age, they need to be more careful with the food they eat and the drinks they intake. One particular drink that seniors tend to drink more of, as they age, is coffee. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers discusses how much caffeine older adults should be drinking. 

Like the majority of things in life, there are both benefits and disadvantages to drinking caffeine. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers starts off by discussing the benefits of drinking caffeine. To put it simple, caffeine is great because it can help lower the risks when it comes to serious health issues like heart disease, stroke, and dementia. Furthermore, caffeine is packed full of useful antioxidants that older adults can benefit from. 

Now, the disadvantage to drinking too much caffeine has been found to affect a person’s central nervous system. Since caffeine is a stimulate, drinking too much caffeine can elevate respiration, blood pressure, and a person’s heart rate. Too much caffeine can even result in dehydration and serious headaches. 

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Visiting Angels Punta Gorda’s Spring Cleaning Tips

An elderly man and his grandchild cleaning together.
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Spring cleaning is when people deep clean their homes after several months of winter. In fact, many people look forward to the first days of spring in order to tackle the dusty rooms in their homes. Seniors who wish to deep clean their homes this spring should take a look at Visiting Angels Punta Gorda’s helpful tips. 

Seniors should start off by recruiting some help. It can be difficult for seniors to clean hard to reach places because their bodies cannot move like they used to. Having a family member or friend there to help out can ease the stress on a senior’s body. Plus, if a senior has an accident while cleaning, their friend can provide them the needed help immediately. 

Visiting Angels Punta Gorda also explains why seniors should try breaking down their home cleaning room by room. Thinking about cleaning a whole house can be overwhelming for anyone. On the other hand, if a senior goes cleaning room by room, they can limit the amount of work they need to focus on and the cleaning becomes more manageable. 

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Multiple Myeloma, VA Ravenna

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Many people tend to know a bit of information about common cancers like breast cancer, leukemia, and so on. However, people should also take a second to learn about myeloma, the second most common form of blood cancer worldwide. Visiting Angels Ravenna shares important information regarding myeloma. 

How does a person’s body produce antibodies to fight off germs and infections? The plasma cells are responsible for producing antibodies. So, healthy plasma cells are important. Multiple myeloma is dangerous because myeloma develops in plasma cells. Visiting Angels Ravenna breaks down how the cancer cells build up within the bone narrow and produce abnormal proteins. The abnormal proteins then cause multiple problems within a person’s body. 

When it comes to multiple myeloma, there are several treatments that are currently available. However, a doctor does not always recommend immediate treatment after diagnosing a patient with myeloma. Instead, a doctor will typically monitor their patient’s condition through blood and urine samples. Once the doctor approves a patient for treatment, the patient will have options such as chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, and targeted therapy. 

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Seniors, Health, and Nutrition, VA Santa Clarita

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It is important for people to take in the nutrients they need in order for their bodies to function at full capacity. As time goes on, a person needs different levels of nutrients. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita talks about the nutritional needs of older adults. 

Seniors need to keep an eye on their calorie intake. There are a lot of changes that take place in a senior’s body. Not only does a person’s metabolism slow with age, but their muscle mass also decreases with the passage of time. A senior needs to make sure that they are eating enough calories for their bodies to function properly, but they also need to make sure they are not eating too many calories. Eating too many calories can result in unwanted weight gain. 

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Seniors and Gratitude, VA Sarasota

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When people think of aging, they tend to think of wisdom, retirement, relaxation, and a lot more positives. While there are many positives to aging, there are also negatives. Visiting Angels Sarasota breaks down how practicing gratitude can help seniors deal with the negatives that come with aging. 

Practicing gratitude can help seniors expand life’s meaning. What does that mean exactly? Visiting Angels Sarasota says that seniors often have a difficult time finding purpose in their lives after retirement. By practicing gratitude, seniors can think about the lives they have led so far and everything that they have left to do. 

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Tips To Help Seniors Who Forget to Eat, VA Sarasota

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If you have an aging loved one who often forgets to eat, you probably wonder how someone can forget to eat in the first place. Well, as people age, they tend to require less food because they do not move around as much as they did in their younger years. If you would like to help your loved one, then Visiting Angels Sarasota’s advice can be useful. 

To begin, you should try focusing on what your loved one is eating rather than how much they are eating. In other words, you could encourage your loved one to eat more food; however, if they eat unhealthy foods, they could end up doing more harm than good. Visiting Angels Sarasota’s first tip is to encourage your loved one to eat nutritious foods rather than a lot of food. Eating nutritious foods will provide your loved one with the vitamins and nutrition they need. 

The second piece of advice that Visiting Angels offers is to help your loved one meal prep. If you help your loved one prepare their meals beforehand, then they do not need to do a lot of cooking in order to eat. Having the meals ready can encourage your loved one to eat when they need to because the meals are already done. 

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Seniors and Bladder Problems, VA South Elgin

Two elderly people holding hands.
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Many seniors, especially women, tend to deal with bladder control issues. However, why do people get bladder control issues? What causes bladder problems? Visiting Angels South Elgin goes through some causes of bladder control problems. 

The following is only one example out of the five causes of bladder control problems that Visiting Angels South Elgin discusses. For one, a person can be suffering from a UTI or urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection is exactly as it sounds. When a part of a person’s urinary tract becomes infected by a virus or bacteria, a person can develop a UTI. It can be difficult for a person to control their bladder because of pain, bladder spasms, and frequent urges to urinate. 

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Tea, Health, and Seniors, VA South Elgin

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Do you love tea? Tea is the perfect drink to warm you up if you are feeling cold; plus, certain teas have great health benefits that many people fail to take advantage of. If you are looking for teas to try out, check out the six healthy teas that Visiting Angels South Elgin brings to light. 

As mentioned before, Visiting Angels South Elgin shares information about six great teas. Here is a quick example of the information shared about one type of tea. 

  • Peppermint Tea – Peppermint tea is, of course, great for freshening a person’s breath, but it is also useful in other ways. For example, the steam, from a hot cup of peppermint tea, can be used to help a person’s sinuses when they are suffering from a stuffed nose. Furthermore, peppermint tea can help calm headaches and migraines. 

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Important Vaccines for the Elderly, VA St. Louis Park

A doctor holding a vaccine.
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Since the pandemic began, vaccines have become more important. Both old and young people benefit from several vaccines like the flu shot. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park discusses the important vaccines that seniors, in particular, benefit from. 

As mentioned earlier, the flu shot is an important vaccine; plus, it is the first vaccine that Visiting Angels St. Louis Park highlights. The influenza virus can do a lot of damage to a person’s body, especially to a person’s lungs and throat. To help people create the antibodies they need to fight off the influenza virus, the influenza inactivated vaccine, also known as the flu shot, is an annually recommended vaccine for people of all ages. 

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Practicing Social Distance While Enjoying Spring, VA St. Louis Park

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After the harsh winter, spring is more than welcomed. The warm weather and the long days are great, but people should continue to practice social distancing. The pandemic is still ongoing so social distancing is still important. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park discusses how seniors can practice social distancing while having fun outside. 

Unlike winter, there are no below zero temperatures during the spring; so, people can stay outdoors for a longer period of time. To get the most out of the spring weather, Visiting Angels St. Louis Park brings up how seniors should try to have a picnic with their loved ones. The picnic can take place in any outdoor location, such as a public park or a senior’s backyard. Furthermore, a senior can ask their loved ones for help when it comes to setting up for picnic. 

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