Talking About GERD, VA Crystal Lake 

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There are a lot of problems that seniors deal with and GERD is one of those problems. What is GERD? GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disorder. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake breaks down how GERD affects seniors. When learning about GERD, it is a good idea to start off with the basic definition. GERD is a chronic condition. The condition causes a person’s stomach contents to flow up to their digestive tract and into their esophagus. GERD can cause a person to feel a burning sensation in their chest area as a result of the movement of their stomach contents. 

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Putting an End to Unhealthy Habits, VA Crystal Lake 

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Are you currently working towards your new year’s resolutions? Have you also been thinking about a couple of bad habits you wish to leave behind? If you have been wanting to confront some unhealthy habits, know that you are not alone. After all, many people see the new year as a fresh start. 

Visiting Angels Crystal Lake highlights great advice that can help you break away from your unhealthy habits. You can start off by thinking about all the habits you have built up over the years. Yes, all of your habits, you healthy and unhealthy habits. Realizing that some of your habits are unhealthy is the first step you can take towards breaking those habits. How can you break an unhealthy habit if you are not willing to reflect and accept that it is best to leave that habit behind? 

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Being a Caregiver, VA Chelmsford 

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If you are thinking about becoming a professional caregiver, make sure that you know what you are getting into. Take your time and do some research on the life of a caregiver. Also, keep in mind, that a caregiver’s day is always changing. Yes, there can be days that are similar, but not all days will be the same. Visiting Angels Chelmsford discusses a day in the life of a caregiver. Take a look at the information, but keep in mind that several factors can affect the daily life of a caregiver. 

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Seniors Who Do Not Have an Appetite, VA Chelmsford 

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There are many seniors who lose their appetite as they grow older. Have you noticed that your aging loved one has been eating less and less recently? If you have, you should take them to see a medical professional. It is always best to see a professional before assuming anything. You can also learn about different reasons seniors can lose their appetite. 

Visiting Angels Chelmsford goes shares six reasons why seniors may lose their appetite. The first reason is changing senses. What does that mean? A senior’s senses change as they grow older. A senior might not like the taste of the food they used to like because their sense of taste has changed. A lot of food can taste bland, and just different, due to a senior’s sense of taste changing. 

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The Importance of Eye Care, VA Chadds Ford 

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Seniors will undergo various changes as they grow older. Yes, seniors will experience mental changes but they will also undergo physical changes. Furthermore, there are a lot of changes that many seniors experience. One common change is related to a senior’s vision. A senior’s senses will dull with age and their vision is no exception. Visiting Angels Chadds Ford breaks down the importance of an eye care routine for seniors. In the long run, eye care can make a big difference. 

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Seniors and Financial Security, VA Chadds Ford 

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A lot of people look forward to their retirement years. There are various things that a person can do once they retire. A senior can travel, relax at home, work on their hobbies, and so on. The problem is, more people are having a difficult time saving up for retirement. In fact, more seniors are accumulating debt nowadays.  

Visiting Angels Chadds Ford goes through and shares advice that can help seniors build financial security for this new year that has just started. First, a senior should try to understand the amount of money they spend on fixed costs. Fixed costs refer to expenses that a person must spend money on every month. Examples of fixed costs include bills, mortgage, rent, and so on. Understanding fixed costs can help a senior develop a clear idea of where their money is going. 

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Pneumonia in Seniors, VA Atlanta East 

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If you are looking after a senior loved one, it is important to become familiar with a couple of different illnesses. After all, seniors can have a difficult time dealing with various illnesses. One sickness that you can learn about is pneumonia.  

There are four stages of pneumonia in seniors. Visiting Angels Atlanta East goes through and shares details regarding the four stages of pneumonia. The first stage is the congestion stage. During the congestion stage, a senior’s lungs can become heavy and congested. Infectious fluid can build up and lead up to the heavy and congested feeling that comes with pneumonia. You can also spot early signs of pneumonia in seniors during the first stage. Symptoms include rapid breathing, coughing, and a feeling of heaviness in the chest. 

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Tips for Protecting Seniors from the Flu, VA Barrington  

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There are various reasons why families worry about senior loved ones. Are you worried about the flu season? If you are worried, then you should take a look at the helpful advice Visiting Angels Barrington brings up. 

Visiting Angels Barrington highlights some flu symptoms you can be on the lookout for this winter. Symptoms can include chills, sore throat, and cough. Other than learning about symptoms, you can learn about ways to help keep your aging loved one safe. Vaccinations, personal hygiene, and medical care are all important. 

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Aging Affects the Brain, VA Barrington 

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At the end of the day, there are a lot of common changes that seniors experience. A senior will not only experience mental changes but also physical changes as they grow older.  A senior’s brain will change and their way of thinking will change as a result. 

Visiting Angels Barrington breaks down some ways a senior’s aging brain can affect the way they think. To begin, a senior will experience memory changes due to a couple of different reasons. Not only does the hippocampus deteriorate with age, but essential proteins and hormones also dimmish with age. The hippocampus is needed to help retrieve memories. Proteins and hormones are needed to repair brain cells. All in all, naturally occurring factors will affect a senior’s memory as they grow older. 

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