Intervening When Seniors Have Unhealthy Habits, VA Santa Clarita

Two elderly people holding hands.
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Are you the family caregiver for your aging loved one? If you are the family caregiver, that means that you support and care for your senior loved one. Since caring for your loved one, you might have noticed some unhealthy habits that your aging loved one has formed. If you would like to address those habits, with your loved one, take a look at Visiting Angels Santa Clarita’s advice. 

Let us say that you notice that your loved one is about to perform their bad habit. You could immediately tell your senior loved one not to go through with their habit, but that can trigger a negative response from your loved one. Instead, you can try to get your loved one to laugh before they do anything. Then, once your senior loved one is in a good mood and laughing, you can casually suggest that they should stop that bad habit. 

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Seniors and Hearing Loss, VA St. Louis Park

An elderly man looking at the camera.
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If you have started to suspect that your aging loved one might be developing hearing problems, you probably have good evidence to back up your claim. You might be having a difficult time trying to bring up the conversation with your loved one. If you are, take a look at Visiting Angels St. Louis Park’s advice. 

When trying to start the conversation with your loved one, try finding a nice quite place where you both can hear each other. Furthermore, try to keep the conversation between you and your loved one. Having more people involved in the conversation can make your aging loved one feel like they are in an intervention. Listen to what your loved one has to say and avoid talking down to them. 

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Signs Your Aging Parents Could Benefit from Professional Support, VA St. Louis Park

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The older your parents get, the more things they will need help with. Eventually, seniors come to a point in which they need help during their day-to-day lives. In-home senior care was made to provide seniors with the support that they need from the comfort of home. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park shares a list of signs that could mean it is time to hire a caregiver for your parents. 

Visiting Angels St. Louis Park brings up 8 signs in total. Below are summaries of 3 signs explained on the longer list. 

  • Have your loved ones been feeling confused or disoriented? Have they been having trouble remembering things? If so, they might be developing a type of dementia. 
  • If your loved ones have been feeling lonely, or isolated, their physical and mental health can suffer some negative side effects from the loneliness. 
  • Are your loved ones struggling to keep up with their finances? They could be having a difficult time keeping up with their bills and their rent. 

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Emotional Wellness in Seniors, VA South Elgin

An elderly man smiling.
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People of all ages need to take care of their health and wellbeing; however, older adults, in particular need to pay attention to their health. Yes, seniors should care for their physical health, but they should also care for their emotional wellbeing. Visiting Angels South Elgin offers emotional wellness tips. 

Seniors can start by addressing their stress. When seniors feel stressed, they can take time to address what is bothering them and try to relax. Visiting Angels South Elgin brings up a couple of ways seniors can manage their stress. For example, seniors can take a stroll around their neighborhood, start journaling their feelings, or they can mediate a couple times a day. 

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Seniors, Dementia, and Home Care, VA South Elgin

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Families, who are looking after an aging loved one with dementia, can feel overwhelmed. Caring for a senior loved one is not easy, and many families decide to place their loved one in a nursing home to receive the proper care. It should be noted that nursing homes are not the only option for seniors with dementia. Visiting Angels South Elgin is a home care service provider that can help. 

There are plenty of benefits related to in-home dementia care. One of the best benefits, for dementia patients, is the fact that they get to age in a familiar environment. Yes, dementia patients might not have the same memories as before, but they can still feel comfortable and at peace in their own homes. On the other hand, many seniors, who move into nursing homes, often feel confused because they are in a new and unfamiliar environment. 

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Mental Health in Seniors, VA Ravenna

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A senior usually has a lot of regular doctor’s appointments to attend to because their physical health is important. While the physical health of seniors does matter, seniors tend to forget about their mental health. In other words, seniors should also try to keep up with mental health. Visiting Angels Ravenna discusses why seniors should attend to their mental health as well. 

All in all, Visiting Angels Ravenna discusses two main problems that can occur if seniors do not take care of themselves. For one, seniors can develop depression. It is important to note that depression can affect anyone if they do not take care of themselves mentally. Other than depression, seniors can also develop a type of dementia. 

Once some of the risks are brought up, Visiting Angels Ravenna goes through a couple of ways seniors can take care of their mental health. For instance, reading for a few minutes a day can really help seniors. Seniors can pick up a good book, a newspaper, or magazine and read for 30 minutes a day to stimulate their brains. 

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Caregivers Need to Protect Their Backs, VA Punta Gorda

A woman showing someone else where her back hurts.
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Being a caregiver is not easy. Believe it or not, being a caregiver is a very physical job. Yes, caregivers need to be patient, gentle, and understanding with their clients; however, caregivers also need physical strength. You see caregivers need enough energy and strength to support the weight of their clients. Visiting Angels Punta Gorda discusses how caregivers can care for their backs while they are on duty. 

Visiting Angels Punta Gorda offers a couple tips for caregivers. The first tip is to lift with the legs. How does someone lift with their legs? When someone is getting ready to lift something, they must bend their legs. A caregiver should avoid bending their back. By bending the legs, and by keeping the back straight, caregivers can avoid some back pain and back injuries. 

Other than lifting with their legs, caregivers should also pay attention to how they are lifting an object. In other words, caregivers should try to lift objects as close to their bodies as possible. The closer something is to the body, the easier it will be to lift. 

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Signs of a Stroke, VA Wayzata

Elderly people holding hands.
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Anyone can experience a stroke. Stroke patients need proper care as soon as possible, and that is why it is important to know some signs of a stroke in case you, or someone else near you experiences a stroke. Visiting Angels Wayzata provides a list of signs. 

Have you heard of the acronym “act F.A.S.T” before? Visiting Angels Wayzata goes through the four letters. F stands for face. Ask the person to smile. Take a look at their smile and see if it is asymmetrical or if one side of the smile is drooping down. A stands for arms. Ask the person to raise both their arms to check if they are both even. S is for speech. Listen to the person speak. Are they slurring their words or having a difficult time speaking? T is for time. If you notice the previous symptoms, call for an ambulance immediately. 

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Visiting Angels Wayzata’s Parkinson’s Care Services

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When a loved one is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, there are a lot of concerns that families must address. For instance, if a family member does not step up to become the family caregiver, who will care for the patient? Visiting Angels Wayzata breaks down how its Parkinson’s care services provide amazing in-home care. 

Before getting into the details of how a professional caregiver can help Parkinson’s patients, Visiting Angels Wayzata brings up a couple of symptoms related to Parkinson’s. For one, many Parkinson’s patients deal with emotional issues. Patients can feel isolated, depressed, and or anxious from trying to adjust to the changes happening in their bodies as a result of Parkinson’s disease. 

Once Visiting Angels Wayzata finishes going through a couple of symptoms, they go onto explain how caregivers can help Parkinson’s patients. Not only can professional caregivers provide patients with genuine encouragement and support, they can also provide clients with companionship. A professional caregiver can also use their past experiences to provide compassionate and reliable care services. 

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Being There for Your Aging Loved One, VA Southlake

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COVID-19 has affected the lives of everyone. Seniors are at risk during these difficult times, and they have been dealing with changes since the lockdowns first began last year. If you have an aging loved one you would like to help during these difficult times, take a look at Visiting Angels Southlake’s advice. 

One way you can be there for your loved one is through video chatting. Your aging loved one can see you and interact with you through video chat; however, their health is not at risk because you are not physically there with them. You can video chat your loved one frequently, and you can get other people to join in on the video chat as well. Furthermore, if your aging loved one does not know how to use technology, you can rely on Visiting Angels’ social care program. 

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