Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Aging can be a rewarding experience. All the decades of hard work can pay off into retirement. However, there are those times when aging can be difficult to cope with. Issues like declining health, loss of friends and family, and sometimes even financial hardship play as huge factors for developing feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Luckily, Visiting Angels Sarasota says that practicing gratitude can help combat these negative feelings with these benefits.

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Visiting Angels Sarasota attributes practicing gratitude can bring about:

  • Improvement in Health
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Expand Life’s Meaning
  • Improved Memory
  • Increase Spiritual Connection
  • Improved Self-Esteem

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Resolutions for Caregivers in 2020

2020 is just around the corner which means many people are looking to have a ‘fresh start’ by incorporating their New Year’s Resolutions into their lifestyles. But with so many resolutions not being followed up on by the January 12, Visiting Angels Knoxville shares some are easy to maintain for healthcare professionals.

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Visiting Angels Knoxville points that it can be hard to come back from the holiday season as a healthcare professional. To help, Visiting Angels suggests incorporating these resolutions:

  • Adopt a Health Goal
  • Invite a Professional Goal
  • Commit to Better Sleep
  • Drop a Habit that Haunts You
  • Develop a Good Habit

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Aging and Finding Gratitude

As older adults reach the age of retirement, many are excited to pursue the past time activities they’ve always wanted to do. Now that they have officially hung up their coats and turned in their keys, it’s no surprise that anyone would be excited. However there are those who are stunned to learn that retirement may not be at all what they had expected. With a decline in health, loss of friends and family, and even possibly financial hardship, older adults who have retired may find themselves depressed and isolated. To help improve the well-being of these individuals, Visiting Angels Fort Worth provides some ideas.

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One thing Visiting Angels mentions is starting a gratitude journal. This journal is meant to keep record of all the things you’re grateful for. As you continue to fill out your journal, you’ll begin to notice the little things in life and appreciate them. By finding joy in the things around you, Visiting Angels believes that it will help you have a brighter outlook on life.

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Is It Just a Senior Moment or Is It Alzheimer’s?

As we age, we tend to notice that our bodies are not what they use to be when we were in our twenties. Certain foods don’t agree with our stomachs, various parts of our bodies tend to ache more, and we may even experience a decrease in our daily energy. These are all normal changes that come with aging. However, we may also experience another kind of change in our bodies. As we get older, we may tend to forget things more frequently – where we parked our car, the name of an actor in a film we use to love, and perhaps what were about to do as soon as we enter a room. While forgetfulness is a normal sign of aging, we must be careful to not confuse it with signs for Alzheimer’s. In their latest article, Visiting Angels South Elgin describes how to know the differences.

man in black coat sitting on a bench

When it comes to differentiating normal forgetfulness with Alzheimer’s, it’s important to consider how much of an impact our forgetfulness has on our daily life. As Visiting Angels points out, “When memory lapses occur daily and the senior seems to struggle with normal, everyday life, it might be a sign of Alzheimer’s or another dementia.” This includes smaller things such as forgetting to wear glasses, getting lost on a familiar route, and even confusing your adult children.

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Holiday Activities For Your Elderly Loved One And You

Mini home surrounded by candles and other holiday decor.
Photo by Sweta Meininger on Unsplash

It might seem like participating in outdoor activities is the only way to have fun during the holidays, but that as not true. There are plenty of activities that you and your loved one can do together inside. Elmhurst Extended Care Center recommends 6 great activities so you and your elderly loved one can have fun together indoors this holiday season.  

Have you ever considered how fun a simple movie night can be? Well EECC says that sitting in a warm home while watching a good movie is a great way to have some fun. All you must do agree on a movie, get your loved one and yourself into comfortable sitting positions and watch the movie. You can make this more personal by asking your aging loved one what their favorite movie is and watching it together. Plus, if you two get hungry during the movie, you can get some snacks from the kitchen.  

If you are wondering what else you can do, EECC also says that picking out presents with your loved one is a fun activity. Your aging loved one might not be able to move around a lot and it might be too cold outside, so use technology and bring the experience of shopping to your elderly loved one. Look through websites and choose some gifts for other members of the family. There are a variety of ways to have fun inside. 

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Honoring Your Caregivers

Caregivers often put in the more effort than they are expected to when providing care for a loved one. Because they work their hardest to ensure that you and your family are comfortable, Visiting Angels West Cincinnati shares some ways you can show your appreciation in their latest article.

As simple as it sounds, doing something like sending a thank you card can go a long way. Think about how caregivers consistently go above and beyond to make your family feel comfortable at home. Putting your appreciation into words can give them the boost they’ve been needing.

family member with senior woman.
Young woman kissing her old grandmother in the park

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Engaging a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

When a loved one has Alzheimer’s it’s never easy to cope with. The person you once knew and connected with has seem to disappeared almost entirely. On top of feeling like you lost someone special, you must also spend a great deal of your own time and energy to consistently provide care and ensure that they’re safe. All this happening all at once can feel completely overwhelming. However, as difficult as it can be, Visiting Angels Punta Gorda shares some insights on how to engage with your loved one to help make things easier.

Elderly couple sitting on a bench on a pier watching the sunset.

If you have found yourself struggling to have a conversation with your loved one, Visiting Angels recommends to prepare questions to help you on your next visit. Often times, you may feel as though conversations can be repetitive, but with prepared questions, you can provide the conversation direction. Visiting Angels suggests, “Remember to ask open ended questions and prompt conversation with phrases such as “tell me about the time when….”.”

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Why You Should Choose Home Care Over a Senior Living Community

There comes a moment in life where we find ourselves in need of additional assistance at home. As we age, our ability to maintain our independence slowly dwindles. Luckily, there are many options for us to choose from but how do we know which is the right choice? When deciding between moving to a senior living community or having a caregiver provide home care, Visiting Angels Southlake argues that home care is the better option.

Senior man sitting in chair reading the newspaper

Visiting Angels raises the point that if a senior were to have dementia, memory care facilities are often limited in providing the individualized memory care they truly need. If a spouse were to have dementia, they would be separated from their loved one in order to keep them safe. However, by choosing in-home care, a loved one with dementia won’t have to be separated and because they are the only ones there, they can receive the personalized care from a trained professional.

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When a Family Caregiver Needs Care

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When a loved one needs additional help at home, a family member will typically volunteer. However, as their loved one’s condition worsen, their needs tend to increase in demand – often becoming overwhelmed. A family caregiver may experience increased fatigue physically, mentally, and even emotionally. To help, Visiting Angels Santa Clarita shares some insight on caring for a family caregiver.

One of the first things you can do is offer your family caregiver time off. Something as simple as taking time to be away and recharge can make a world of difference. Once they come back, they’ll have regained the emotional and physical energy they need.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

When we laugh, it’s one of the best feelings we could ever experience in our lives. It helps us forget our worries and fills us with joy. We’ve all heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine in the world” but is there actual merit to that saying? Visiting Angels Barrington takes a deeper look into the possible health benefits laughter has to offer in their latest article.

Two senior women laughing together

Visiting Angels Barrington notes that when we laugh, our brain releases an increased amount of endorphins – the hormone responsible for making us feel happy. That’s why after every time we laugh, our mood seems to be high spirits and refreshed. Laughter has also been found to enhance our immune system and even provide some pain relief.

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