Seniors Establishing a Routine, VA South Elgin

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As a result, of COVID-19 people have been inside their homes for several weeks. Since people are now working from home and doing everything in one place, many have lost track of their routines. Visiting Angels South Elgin explains how seniors can start establish a routine at home. 

The routines that Visiting Angels suggests are simple. For example, setting a time to sleep and a time to wake up will help start and end any day. Some seniors might have a difficult time winding down at the end of the day. If that is the case, journaling and tea can work wonders for calming down and getting ready for bed. On the other hand, seniors could also struggle with waking up at a scheduled time. To get up in the morning, many people think of something that makes them excited for the mornings like a nice cup of coffee. 

Another simple routine deals with clothes. Visiting Angels brings up how seniors should change out of their pajamas. Though it is nice to be around the house in comfortable clothes all day, getting dressed can motivate seniors for the rest of their day. 

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Home Care for Your Loved One, VA Hot Springs

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Has COVID-19 forced you to work from home? If so, you might also be having a difficult time adjusting to the changes. Visiting Angels Hot Springs brings up how this would be the ideal time to hire a caretaker to help your elderly loved one while you try to get a handle of everything happening in your life. 

A caretaker can help your loved one with a variety of things. However, one of the first things you might be concerned about is exposing your loved one to COVID-19. Visiting Angels caretakers are well aware of the precautions set by the Centers for Disease Control. When entering homes, caretakers make sure to follow strategies to keep your loved one safe. For example, caretakers wipe down often used surfaces and wear masks. 

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a caretaker, especially during these times, is the companionship that they can bring to your elderly loved one. Companion Care Services offered by visiting Angels will help your loved one get through these socially distant and lonely times. Plus, a caretaker can make sure that your loved one has a stocked pantry, is eating healthy meals, and has a clean home.  

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Home Care and Hospital Admissions, VA Horsham

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Lately hospitals have been filled with COVID-19 patients. So, if possible, it is best to avoid hospital visits. Visiting Angels Horsham explains how caretakers can help seniors avoid hospital admissions. 

There are various reasons why an elderly person would be admitted into a hospital. Did you know that thousands of people are admitted into hospitals because of drug related issues? Many people make mistakes when taking their medications, and those mistakes lead to hospital visits. Seniors with many medications can forget that they already took one pill and accidently decide to take the same pill by mistake. Other seniors can have a difficult time reading the labels of their medication. A caretaker can help regulate medications. Having a caretaker by their side would also help prevent more situations from arising.  

Many seniors have a difficult time keeping up with their hygiene. If someone does not properly care for their hygiene, they could experience a urinary tract infection. Visiting Angels caretakers can help seniors take care of their hygiene so things like urinary tracks do not become a problem. Whether a senior needs help keeping track of their medication or taking care of their hygiene, caretakers can provide the needed assistance and prevent hospital admissions. 

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The Benefits of Socializing, VA Atlanta East

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People around the world have been practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social isolation can be difficult for a lot of people; however, the elderly are especially vulnerable to isolation. Visiting Angels Atlanta East discusses how seniors have been impacted by the lack of social interactions. 

It is important to understand how much socialization means to seniors. Visiting Angels explains how seniors gain emotional, cognitive and physical benefits from social activities. The elderly can experience emotional benefits because they maintain their self-esteem and sustain long lasting friendships when they socialize. When it comes to the cognitive stimulation caused by socializing, memory lose can be slowed. Lastly, physical rewards include improving sleep and boosting the immune system. 

As a result of social isolation, all the benefits mentioned earlier can be taken away from seniors. To help seniors socialize through COVID-19, Visiting Angels caretakers have been helping the elderly socialize in different ways. Through the use of technology, caretakers have been helping seniors communicate through video chat, texting, email, Facebook and more. Although social distancing is keeping people away physically, there are other ways to be there for one another. 

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Budget Friendly Eating, VA Crystal Lake

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COVID-19 has made grocery shopping complicated. People are encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and many are stocking up on food to avoid grocery shopping as often. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake discusses some tips for eating healthy on a budget while the pandemic continues to impact grocery shopping. 

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you should consider buying food that has a long shelf life. Though food with the longest shelf life is often canned, that does not mean that you have to limit your daily meals to canned food. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake gives some great examples of budget friendly food you can buy.  

For breakfast you can consider buying oatmeal, eggs, and cereal. However, cereal usually runs out quickly so you should keep that in mind when buying. For lunch tuna and brown rice are two extremely healthy food options that also have a long shelf life. You can wrap your tuna in lettuce or make a tuna sandwich if you have bread. Lastly, for dinner you can make meat stretch a long way if you get creative. Let us say that you buy chicken breast. With chicken, you can make a chicken salad, stir fry, and chicken soup. So, getting creative with your food is also a great way to stay within your budget. 

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Maintaining Social Distancing While Caring for Seniors, VA Conway

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COVID-19 has resulted in several changes, including social distancing. However social distancing has not been easy for a lot of people, especially seniors. To help the elderly feel less lonely while the world is social distancing, Visiting Angels Conway offers some fun ideas on how you can care for your loved ones from a distance. 

One fun way to cheer up your elderly loved one is by throwing a drive by party.  A drive by party is just like it sounds. People drive around in their decorated cars while playing music and waving. To organize a drive by party, you will need to contact some family and friends. Decide on a date, time, and location. Then ask people to decorate their cars with some balloons or frills. Some noise makers would also be appreciated so that your drive by party can be heard by everyone. 

Another idea that Visiting Angels Conway brings up is video chatting. There are various senior friendly devices on the market that you can look into if you are looking for something that your loved one can use easily. You can also teach your loved one how to use video chat technology. Video chatting is a great way for you and your elderly loved one to communicate because visually it is like you are in the same room but physically you are practicing social distancing. 

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Useful Fall Prevention Tips, VA Canton

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There is always a danger associated with falling; however, the older you get, the more dangerous a fall can be. Many seniors are sent to the hospital because of a fall. Visiting Angles Canton knows that some falls can be avoided, so they bring up some helpful tips to prevent falls. 

Before you can prevent your elderly loved one from falling, you have to develop an understanding of what can make them fall. Visiting Angels discusses how your loved one can have physical conditions that makes it easier for them to fall. For instance, your loved one could suffer from muscle weakness, medication side effects, a decreased sense of balance, and more. You could ask your elderly loved one’s doctor if something can be done to minimize the physical problems that you have noticed. 

After figuring out the physical causes of falling, you could begin to focus on the environmental causes of falling. Check on their home environment. Do they have bars to hold onto when getting into their bathtub or when sitting on the toilet? Do they have cables all over their floors? Visiting Angels brings up some solutions to problems you might find in your loved one’s home. You can organize their home to keep their floors clean and open. You can also add some bars in the bathroom so they have extra support. 

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The Pros of Eating a Good Breakfast, VA Barrington

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Enjoying a healthy breakfast is a great way to start the day. There are a variety of reasons why people are told to eat a healthy breakfast. Visiting Angles Barrington brings up why a healthy breakfast would be a great thing for seniors to incorporate into their day to day routine. 

Visiting Angels starts off by bringing up how COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s life. Because of the changes brought on by the pandemic, many more people have been feeling stressed and sad. If the negative emotions escalate enough, a person might lose their appetite. Seniors who go through social isolation or feel a lack of independence also feel the need to eat less. 

The reason why a healthy breakfast is important during these times is because the meal acts like an anchor to a routine. Though it should be noted that a breakfast is not automatically healthy just because someone starts off their day with it. Visiting Angels explains how a healthy breakfast is defined by the contents of the meal. A healthy breakfast contains proteins, whole grains, and or fruits. Some examples of whole grains include oatmeal and rice cakes. Furthermore, protein can be found in eggs and yogurt. Visiting Angels Barrington discusses the topic in more depth. 

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Dependable Nursing Care

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Deciding to place your elderly loved one in someone else’s care can be a difficult decision to make. Most of the time, people research the nursing homes they are looking into before admitting their loved one into a home. Elmhurst Extended Care Center offers a variety of great services for their residents, including skilled nursing care. 

What are you looking for in a nursing home? Not all nursing homes offer the same services to their residents. EECC offers physical rehabilitation, memory care, and skilled nursing care for its residents. When it comes to their nursing care, EECC relies on their dependable full-time therapist, dietitian, and social worker. The group of nurses provide personalized plans for their residents. The plans include diabetic monitoring, respite care, hospice, restorative care, and more. The dementia and memory care units are also certified, so feel free to rely on EECC’s skilled nurses to help you and your loved one. 

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