Useful Fall Prevention Tips, VA Canton

An elderly man's hands holding a walking stick.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

There is always a danger associated with falling; however, the older you get, the more dangerous a fall can be. Many seniors are sent to the hospital because of a fall. Visiting Angles Canton knows that some falls can be avoided, so they bring up some helpful tips to prevent falls. 

Before you can prevent your elderly loved one from falling, you have to develop an understanding of what can make them fall. Visiting Angels discusses how your loved one can have physical conditions that makes it easier for them to fall. For instance, your loved one could suffer from muscle weakness, medication side effects, a decreased sense of balance, and more. You could ask your elderly loved one’s doctor if something can be done to minimize the physical problems that you have noticed. 

After figuring out the physical causes of falling, you could begin to focus on the environmental causes of falling. Check on their home environment. Do they have bars to hold onto when getting into their bathtub or when sitting on the toilet? Do they have cables all over their floors? Visiting Angels brings up some solutions to problems you might find in your loved one’s home. You can organize their home to keep their floors clean and open. You can also add some bars in the bathroom so they have extra support. 

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