The Benefits of Socializing, VA Atlanta East

Elderly man sitting down and reading a newspaper.
Photo by Sam Wheeler on Unsplash

People around the world have been practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social isolation can be difficult for a lot of people; however, the elderly are especially vulnerable to isolation. Visiting Angels Atlanta East discusses how seniors have been impacted by the lack of social interactions. 

It is important to understand how much socialization means to seniors. Visiting Angels explains how seniors gain emotional, cognitive and physical benefits from social activities. The elderly can experience emotional benefits because they maintain their self-esteem and sustain long lasting friendships when they socialize. When it comes to the cognitive stimulation caused by socializing, memory lose can be slowed. Lastly, physical rewards include improving sleep and boosting the immune system. 

As a result of social isolation, all the benefits mentioned earlier can be taken away from seniors. To help seniors socialize through COVID-19, Visiting Angels caretakers have been helping the elderly socialize in different ways. Through the use of technology, caretakers have been helping seniors communicate through video chat, texting, email, Facebook and more. Although social distancing is keeping people away physically, there are other ways to be there for one another. 

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