Is It Just a Senior Moment or Is It Alzheimer’s?

As we age, we tend to notice that our bodies are not what they use to be when we were in our twenties. Certain foods don’t agree with our stomachs, various parts of our bodies tend to ache more, and we may even experience a decrease in our daily energy. These are all normal changes that come with aging. However, we may also experience another kind of change in our bodies. As we get older, we may tend to forget things more frequently – where we parked our car, the name of an actor in a film we use to love, and perhaps what were about to do as soon as we enter a room. While forgetfulness is a normal sign of aging, we must be careful to not confuse it with signs for Alzheimer’s. In their latest article, Visiting Angels South Elgin describes how to know the differences.

man in black coat sitting on a bench

When it comes to differentiating normal forgetfulness with Alzheimer’s, it’s important to consider how much of an impact our forgetfulness has on our daily life. As Visiting Angels points out, “When memory lapses occur daily and the senior seems to struggle with normal, everyday life, it might be a sign of Alzheimer’s or another dementia.” This includes smaller things such as forgetting to wear glasses, getting lost on a familiar route, and even confusing your adult children.

There are many signs that may indicate Alzheimer’s and it is important to recognize them. To read the full article and learn all the details, you can visit: