Visiting Angels Sarasota’s Fall Prevention Tips

A photo of a living room.
Photo by Terry Magallanes from Pexels

The body becomes more fragile with age, it is just a part of the natural cycle of life. As a result, seniors are advised to avoid falls because any fall can lead to serious injuries. To help seniors avoid falls, Visiting Angels Sarasota shares a list of 4 great fall prevention tips. Below are 2 of the tips. 

The first tip that Visiting Angels Sarasota brings up is to clean. Seniors should try to keep their homes clean. To be more specific, seniors should try to keep their floors clutter free. Why keep the floors clean? Because the more clutter there is on the floor, the more things a senior can accidently trip over. If a floor is clean, the chances of falling decrease because there is nothing for a senior to trip over. 

Furthermore, seniors should make sure that their homes have sufficient lighting. If seniors can see what is on the floor, or in front of them, they can avoid things that could make them fall. Seniors should also be aware of lighting during the nighttime. Having LEDS lining the hallway, bathroom, and bedroom and help them move around safely at night. 

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