Strategies to Prevent Falls, VA North Fort Myers

An elderly man sitting down on a sofa.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Once time starts to affect the body, a variety of things can change within a person. Seniors start to take better care of themselves by avoiding things like unhealthy food and falling. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers brings up some ways that seniors can prevent some falls. 

Overall, there are four suggestions that Visiting Angels North Fort Myers brings up. For one, seniors should try to stay active. Yes, it might be difficult for seniors to move around and stay active, but living a sedentary life is not the solution. In fact, living a sedentary life could weaken and decondition the body. Seniors should consult their doctor to discuss the best way to stay active. Some light activities include yoga and walking. 

Other than staying active, seniors should also keep an eye on their medication. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers points out how some seniors can experience more falls due to side effects in their medications. Seniors should check to see if their medications can cause dizziness, disorientation, or anything similar. Seniors can then talk to their doctors to try and find a solution to deal with the side effects caused by the medication. 

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