Midwest Autumn, VA Cincinnati West

A photo of orange leaves on a knitted blanket.
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Seniors had to be careful during the summer because of the unbearable heat; however, now that the weather is getting cooler, seniors can start enjoying autumn. There are a variety of things that seniors can do at home to celebrate. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West brings up four specific ways that seniors can enjoy the Midwest autumn. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Cincinnati West shares is to find your happy place. What does that mean? Well, the meaning can change depending on the person. Seniors should try to find things that make them happy during the fall season. For instance, some seniors can enjoy watching the sunset, and others can enjoy strolls around their neighborhoods. All in all, seniors should try to connect with nature during autumn because winter will freeze everything. 

Second of all, seniors should engage their senses. Visiting Angels Cincinnati West discusses how memories are often connected to various smells and tastes. Seniors can use this season to cook meals that bring up happy memories for them. Furthermore, seniors can try planting a herb garden to add some fresh seasoning to their meals. A caregiver can provide seniors with the needed support as they cook or start their indoor garden. 

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