Discussing Caregiver Skills, VA Chadds Ford 

A woman chatting with an older woman.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Being a caregiver is one of the most gratifying professions. Caregivers provide assistance to individuals who are incapable of doing daily activities on their own. Visiting Angels Chadds Ford shares five abilities that caregivers typically possess. Maybe learning about caregiver skills can help you decide whether this profession is right for you. 

The following is a brief summary of the skills Visiting Angels discusses. 

  1. Problem Solving – To make quick choices, caregivers must frequently handle situations. Problem solving skills can be especially helpful in challenging moments. 
  1. Patience – When a caregiver is tested every day to see if he or she is composed enough to assist someone through even the most difficult times, patience is an important part of the job. 
  1. Empathy – Those in the caregiving profession should try to develop an understanding of why their patients behave the way they do. 
  1. Positivity – Caregivers can boost positivity by smiling, playing music during periods of silence, and sharing engaging tales with clients. 
  1. Communication – Caregivers must communicate their emotions effectively to clients, and clients must be aware that they can express theirs as well. 

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