Seniors and the Benefits of Journaling, VA Chadds Ford 

Colorful pens next to a journal.
Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative

There is more than one healthy way to de-stress and express pent-up emotions. For instance, many people write in a journal. In fact, journaling can benefit people of all ages. Visiting Angels Chadds Ford explains how seniors, in particular, benefit from journaling. 

A senior’s brain will change as they grow older. A senior can experience various changes like memory loss, forgetfulness, and so on. Thus, it is important for seniors to stimulate their brains. Journaling is one way a senior can exercise their mind. If a senior would like to stimulate their memory, they can try keeping track of what they have completed throughout the day. After all, journaling daily activities encourages seniors to try and remember what they have done. While writing about daily activities is fun, seniors are not restricted to that. A senior can write about movies they have seen, fun facts they have learned, and so on. 

Visiting Angels also explains how journaling can help seniors improve their communication skills even though it does not involve talking. When an elderly person wants to have a discussion with someone, journaling can help. Journaling can help a senior express themselves on paper before talking to someone, helping them feel less nervous or unprepared in the process.   

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