When Is It Normal Aging and When Is It Alzheimer’s?

As we get older, our bodies go through a series of changes. What we were once capable of in our younger days is hard to come by now that we are much older. Not only may we not be able to have the same physical performance as when we were younger, but our cognitive abilities may also slow down as well. One thing many seniors are concerned with nowadays is whether they are having a ‘senior moment’ or an early sign of Alzheimer’s. Visiting Angels South Elgin chimes in on the matter.

Visiting Angels notes that normal signs of aging can be indicated by ‘normal forgetfulness’. This means that when we forget things such as where our car keys went, dates to certain events, and maybe even directions. These are all normal signs of aging. Where you ought to be concerned, however, is when you start to forget things more frequently. Visiting Angels notes that on top of frequent forgetfulness, forgetting things such as the names of family members and even daily rituals such as self grooming can also indicate signs of Alzheimer’s.

You can read more about the differences of seniors moments from signs of Alzheimer’s by heading over to Visiting Angels South Elgin’s article: https://www.visitingangels.com/southelgin/am-i-having-a-senior-moment-or-is-this-alzheimer%e2%80%99s-weekly-message_3957.