Talking About Elderspeak, VA South Central Michigan

A photo of an elderly woman.
Image by Rajesh Balouria from Pixabay

Many people change their way of speaking when they are talking with an elder. If you also change your way of speaking, when talking to a senior, what kind of changes do you make? Visiting Angels South Central Michigan breaks down elderspeak. 

To put it bluntly, elderspeak is exactly how it sounds. Elderspeak is when a younger person changes their way of speaking when talking to an elder. The person speaks to a senior in a condescending and pitying way. Examples of elderspeak include the use of exaggerated affectionate words and the use of “we” or “use” instead of “you.” All in all, elderspeak can have a negative effect on seniors. Seniors can feel resentment, depression, and embarrassment. 

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