Visiting Angels Southlake Discusses Bathroom Safety for Seniors

A photo of a shower and tub.
Image by GregoryButler from Pixabay

Many seniors are choosing to age in place because they feel the most comfortable within their own homes. While seniors can enjoy aging in place, with the help of a caregiver, they should keep in mind some safety concerns. Visiting Angels Southlake brings up safety tips for a senior’s bathroom. 

Visiting Angels Southlake shares a lot of tips that can help keep seniors safe in their bathrooms. For example, a senior can invest in a portable shower head and a bath chair. The portable shower head would allow a senior to clean themselves in a more comfortable or flexible way. Additionally, seniors can take a seat on their bath chair while using the portable shower head. Seniors can end up feeling less tired as they take care of their physical hygiene in a more relaxed manner. 

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