Managing Dementia and Anger, VA Wayzata

A photo of an elderly man.
Image by Vishnu Vasu from Pixabay

The challenges, that come with being a family caregiver, can increase if a senior has been diagnosed with a condition like dementia. While every senior experiences different symptoms, anger is a common symptom. Visiting Angels Wayzata brings up how a caregiver can help their loved one manage their anger. 

Visiting Angels Wayzata shares a list of six tips that can help you and your loved one. The first tip is to set up a day-to-day routine for your aging loved one. A routine can help your senior loved one feel more at ease because they know what to expect from their daily lives. There are many routines that you can set in place. For example, you can work towards a bed time routine, a meal schedule, and a morning routine.  

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