Seniors, Gentleness, and Personal Care, VA Southlake

An elderly woman looking at the camera.
Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay

Caregivers have a lot on their shoulders. Not only do caregivers take care of their own needs, but they also care for the needs of others. Visiting Angels Southlake breaks down some reasons why gentleness is an important characteristic for caregivers. 

Visiting Angels Southlake starts off by explaining why it can be a challenge for caregivers to be gentle. To put it simply, a lot of physical support is required from caregivers. Caregivers are responsible for the needs of their clients, including their clients’ physical needs. If a senior needs help taking care of their personal hygiene, their caregiver needs to be able to provide the needed support. In other words, caregiver can struggle to find a balance between providing enough support while being gentle at the same time. 

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