Lewy Body Dementia, VA South Central Michigan

An elderly man sitting on a bench.
Image by Daniel Nebreda from Pixabay

There are different types of dementia. For instance, Alzheimer’s and Dewy body dementia both full under the dementia umbrella term. Visiting Angels South Central Michigan talks about Lewy body dementia in detail. 

To get started, Visiting Angels South Central Michigan explains how Lewy body dementia is a brain disease. The disease affects a person’s thinking, and it can affect someone’s mobility. What causes Lewy body dementia? The answer is a buildup of abnormal protein bodies; to be more specific, a buildup of Lewy bodies. If Lewy bodies build up in certain parts of the brain that are responsible for memory, movement, and thinking, a person’s brain can get damaged. 

Once Visiting Angels South Central Michigan finishes explaining how LBD develops, Visiting Angels then brings up a couple of symptoms. Visiting Angels offers a long list of Lewy body dementia symptoms. The following are a couple examples of symptoms from the list: pronounced memory loss, movement disorders, problems with sleep, depression, confusion, and reoccurring hallucinations. A professional caregiver can help those who have been diagnosed with LBD. 

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