Home Care Provider Services, VA Hurst

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If you are looking into a home care provider for your aging loved one, you need to do your research to find the best fit for your aging loved one. Visiting Angels Hurst breaks down the services it can offer your aging loved one.  

It is important to do research, before choosing a home care provider, because the home care provider needs to be able to support your loved one. Does your loved one have any medical conditions or specific needs that they need help with? If you do your research, you can see what kind of services a home care provider offers and previous reviews from clients. 

Visiting Angels Hurst offers many services ranging from Alzheimer’s care to social care. Visiting Angels Hurst caregivers can also help seniors prepare meals, bathe, run errands, preform light housekeeping and more. 

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Alzheimer’s in Seniors, VA Hurst

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Alzheimer’s affects millions of people all over the world. According to UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, 500 million people, worldwide, are suffering from Alzheimer’s. It is also important to note that 5.7 million people have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the United States. To spread more information about Alzheimer’s, Visiting Angels Hurst shares four Alzheimer’s facts. 

Visiting Angels Hurst starts off by explaining if Alzheimer’s is hereditary or not. The short answer is no. There are a lot of factors that can result in Alzheimer’s. For instance, family history, heart health, and serious head injuries are some risks factors that could increase the chances of someone developing Alzheimer’s. It is also important to keep in mind that there are multiple test that need to be conducted in order to diagnose someone with Alzheimer’s. There is no single variable that can lead to Alzheimer’s and there is no single test to diagnose Alzheimer’s. 

There are multiple Alzheimer’s symptoms that Visiting Angels Hurst brings up as well. Some examples of symptoms include memory loss, changes in mood, poor judgement, and difficulty with regular tasks. Families should be on the lookout for Alzheimer’s symptoms because the earlier that Alzheimer’s is detected, the more options there are symptom treatments. 

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Breaking Down COVID-19 Precautions, VA Jenkintown

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COVID-19 has been affecting people all over the world for several months now. There have been various precautions set in place to keep the pandemic from spreading, but it is up to individuals to follow the safety measures. Visiting Angels Jenkintown discusses how you can speak to your senior loved one about COVID-19. 

Before sitting down with your loved one, you should do some research. The information surrounding COVID-19 is always changing as more and more information is discovered. While doing your research, remember to look through reliable resources. You can look at the information that the news has to offer and you can look at what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to say.  

Once you have gathered up-to-date information, you can sit down with your loved one. Try asking them what they know about COVID-19. You can also ask them what they have been doing to stay healthy. 

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Visiting Angels Jenkintown Talks About Aging Parents

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Children and parents depend on one another. When children are growing up, they depend on their parents to keep them safe. When parents are growing old, they depend on their children to help them. Visiting Angels Jenkintown shares a couple of signs that could mean that it is time to hire extra help for your parents. 

Children need to be on the lookout for signs that their parents need help. Sometimes, seniors do not realize that they need extra support until someone else points it out to them. Other times, parents do not tell their children that they need help because they do not want to make their child worry. Thus, children, who have senior parents, should be observant of their parents. 

What should children be on the lookout for? Visiting Angels Jenkintown mentions how children should pay attention to their parents’ physical appearance. If children notice that their parents are having a difficult time keeping up with their personal hygiene, washing their clothes, or using the bathroom, they can consider hiring a professional caregiver to support their parents. There are other signs as well, like a messy home, financial mistakes, and an increase in memory lapses. 

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Visiting Angels NNMP Discusses Seniors Who Cannot Speak

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Communication is often overlooked by many people. You hear someone else speak and then you say something back. If that is how you think communication works, how would you communicate with someone who cannot reply? Visiting Angels Northern Middle-Neck Peninsula brings up ways that you can communicate with a senior who cannot speak. 

Before giving advice on how to communicate with a senior who cannot speak, Visiting Angels NNMP breaks down how a conversation works. Overall, there are three steps that your brain goes through when you talk to someone else. 

For one, you need to hear the other person, remember what they said, and form an understanding of the words that they said. After that, you need to think of a reply and form a sentence of words in your head. Lastly, you need to move your muscles in order to speak. 

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Home Care Providers and Cultural Awareness, VA NNMP

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The United States is made up of people from all over the world. No one lives the same life; everyone is living their own kind of life based on various personal and external factors. Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula discusses why its caregivers make sure to practice cultural awareness when providing in-home care for clients. 

Visiting Angels NNMP found out that there are around 4,200 religions. Out of those thousands of religions, imagine the variety of religions found in America. Visiting Angels NNMP understands that not every family, or client that they work with, will follow the same religion. So, Visiting Angels NNMP caregivers makes sure to keep an open mind when providing care for clients. Caregivers keep up with any religious preferences when providing care because religion is important to their clients. 

Furthermore, professional caregivers make sure to keep an open mind when it comes to race and ethnicity. Visiting Angels NNMP communicates with its clients, and their families, to make sure that the caregivers are being respectful of any preferences related to a customer’s ethnicity or race. Everyone is different, and those differences are respected by caregivers. 

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Fires Safety Tips for Seniors, VA Manassas

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Anything can cause an unexpected fire, from exposed wires to fire places. It is a good idea for everyone to learn a couple of fire safety tips here and there, in case something does happen. Visiting Angels Manassas shares a couple of fire safety tips. 

Overall, there are four fire safety tips that Visiting Angels Manassas shares. Below are two out of the four tips. 

  1. A path – If your senior loved one relies on a wheel chair or a walker to get around, you should make sure that they can move around their home. Check to see if your loved one has any problems going through a hallway, doorframe, etc. A clear and smooth path for escape is important. 
  2. Fire extinguishers – Did you know that fire extinguishers expire? Check the expiration date for your loved one’s fire extinguisher and replace it if needed. 

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Visiting Angels Manassas and Fall Prevention Strategies

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Not all falls have the same impact. Depending on several factors, a fall could leave a bruise or a fall can cause some serious damage. As the years pass by, the body requires more and more time to recover. Thus, falls become more dangerous as people get older.  To help seniors stay safe, Visiting Angels Manassas offers some tips to help prevent falls. 

Did you know, that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 800,000 cases of seniors falling, in the United States, are serious? Yes, the cases vary in severity, but many seniors end up in the hospital because of a fall. Visiting Angels Manassas points out how some seniors suffer from brain injuries or hip injuries. When it comes to hip injuries, 95% of hip fractures, in seniors, are caused by a fall. 

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why seniors want to prevent falling. It is actually pretty simple to prevent some falls. For instance, if seniors keep their homes tidy, and their floors free of clutter, there are less things to trip over. 

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Explaining Sepsis, VA Horsham

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Infections are not good for anyone because infections can lead to serious problems. Have you heard of sepsis before? Sepsis is actually brought on by an infection. Visiting Angels Horsham breaks down sepsis in detail and shares a list of symptoms caused by sepsis. 

First, it is a good idea to get an understanding of what sepsis is exactly. According to Visiting Angels Horsham, sepsis is a life-threatening complication caused by an infection in the body. Anyone can get sepsis because anyone can get an infection. Visiting Angels Horsham also points out how sepsis is especially dangerous for seniors who are over the age of 65. Why is sepsis dangerous for seniors? As people get older, their bodies do not handle infections the same way they used to so it can be easier for seniors to develop an infection. 

In order to develop sepsis, one has to have some kind of untreated infection. There are some symptoms that people can be on the lookout for when it comes to sepsis. Symptoms include high heart rate, low blood pressure, disorientation, and extreme pain. If you would like to see the whole list, just take a look at Visiting Angels Horsham’s article. 

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Terms that Caregivers Should be Aware of, VA Gulf Shores

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If your aging loved one would like to age at home, your next task would be to look into home care providers. On your search for a care provider, you might come across caregiver terms that are new to you. Visiting Angels Gulf Shores breaks down some caregiver terms. 

  1. Activities of daily living (ADLs) – Personal care task that seniors need to do on a daily basis. Examples of ADL’s include using the toilet, bathing, and eating. 
  2. Assisted living facility (ALF) – Residential housing option that helps seniors with everyday tasks. However, ALF does not provide skilled nursing care. 
  3. Client – The person who is receiving the care at home. 

The terms above are only three out of the many terms that Visiting Angels Gulf Shores brings up. 

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