Visiting Angels NNMP Discusses Seniors Who Cannot Speak

Elderly women talking.
Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Communication is often overlooked by many people. You hear someone else speak and then you say something back. If that is how you think communication works, how would you communicate with someone who cannot reply? Visiting Angels Northern Middle-Neck Peninsula brings up ways that you can communicate with a senior who cannot speak. 

Before giving advice on how to communicate with a senior who cannot speak, Visiting Angels NNMP breaks down how a conversation works. Overall, there are three steps that your brain goes through when you talk to someone else. 

For one, you need to hear the other person, remember what they said, and form an understanding of the words that they said. After that, you need to think of a reply and form a sentence of words in your head. Lastly, you need to move your muscles in order to speak. 

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