Visiting Angels Jenkintown Talks About Aging Parents

An elderly woman washing vegetables
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Children and parents depend on one another. When children are growing up, they depend on their parents to keep them safe. When parents are growing old, they depend on their children to help them. Visiting Angels Jenkintown shares a couple of signs that could mean that it is time to hire extra help for your parents. 

Children need to be on the lookout for signs that their parents need help. Sometimes, seniors do not realize that they need extra support until someone else points it out to them. Other times, parents do not tell their children that they need help because they do not want to make their child worry. Thus, children, who have senior parents, should be observant of their parents. 

What should children be on the lookout for? Visiting Angels Jenkintown mentions how children should pay attention to their parents’ physical appearance. If children notice that their parents are having a difficult time keeping up with their personal hygiene, washing their clothes, or using the bathroom, they can consider hiring a professional caregiver to support their parents. There are other signs as well, like a messy home, financial mistakes, and an increase in memory lapses. 

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