Terms that Caregivers Should be Aware of, VA Gulf Shores

A senior reading a book.
Image by daledbet from Pixabay

If your aging loved one would like to age at home, your next task would be to look into home care providers. On your search for a care provider, you might come across caregiver terms that are new to you. Visiting Angels Gulf Shores breaks down some caregiver terms. 

  1. Activities of daily living (ADLs) – Personal care task that seniors need to do on a daily basis. Examples of ADL’s include using the toilet, bathing, and eating. 
  2. Assisted living facility (ALF) – Residential housing option that helps seniors with everyday tasks. However, ALF does not provide skilled nursing care. 
  3. Client – The person who is receiving the care at home. 

The terms above are only three out of the many terms that Visiting Angels Gulf Shores brings up. 

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