Professional Caregivers, VA NE Ohio 

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When you think about senior home care, what comes to mind? Are you wondering how families know when it is time to hire a professional caregiver? Some seniors come out and say that they need the extra help at home. Other seniors do not like admitting that they need help. Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio explains how you can know when it is time to hire a professional caregiver to look after your aging loved one. 

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The New Year Ahead, VA NE Ohio 

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December will come to a close within a couple days. Soon, the new year will come rolling in. Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio goes through some great advice that can help you welcome the new year. 

Before you think about the new year ahead, you should take some time to think about the year you have just had. In other words, grab a pen, some paper, and take a seat. Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio recommends taking some time to write down moments you were proud of, moments you thought you could have done better, and anything else that stands out to you. Reflect on everything you have lived through in 2021. 

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Household Hazards, VA South Elgin 

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Has your senior loved one decided to age in place? If they have, you are probably looking into ways you can support your loved one’s choice. Visiting Angels South Elgin brings up seven household hazards you should be aware of. One household hazard, that can make your senior loved one sick, is poor water quality. You can decide to test the water in your loved one’s home every once in a while to make sure it is still good. 

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Older Adults Navigating the Holiday Season, VA South Elgin 

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The holidays are a great time for families to spend time together. The problem is, the holidays can also be a stressful time, especially for seniors. Visiting Angels South Elgin brings up tips that might help your loved one navigate the holiday season. 

One of the tips Visiting Angels South Elgin discusses has to do with time. When planning your holiday celebrations this year, make sure to be considerate of the time your celebrations end. Your loved one could want to get home before it gets too dark outside. Your loved one could also want to get home an hour or two before the time they usually fall asleep. 

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Nail Care for Older Adults, VA Sarasota 

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There are a lot of common changes that seniors undergo with age. While every senior is different, every senior should still try their best to take care of themselves. Visiting Angels Sarasota discusses how seniors can take care of their nails as they age. For starters, a senior can try to keep their nails neatly trimmed. Trimmed nails can mean less gunk underneath the nail. Also, a senior should try to use a nail brush to clean under their nails while bathing. 

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Washing Your Hands is Important, VA Sarasota 

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While handwashing was always important, it became even more important since the pandemic began. If you would like some advice on the best handwashing practices, consider taking a look at Visiting Angels Sarasota’s tips. 

There are five steps when it comes to good handwashing. One, you must wet your hands with water. The water can be cold, warm, or hot. The temperature does not matter. Two, try to apply soap all over your hand. Three, scrub your soapy hands together for at least twenty seconds. Four, rinse off your soapy hands. Five, dry your hands. You can air-dry your hands, use a napkin, or use a clean cloth. 

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At-Home Exercises, VA Rockwall 

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Winter is here and a lot of people avoid going outside. The freezing temperatures and slippery roads are not very welcoming. While the weather outside is not the best, that does not mean people need to stay on the couch all day. There are plenty of physical activities that people can do indoors. Visiting Angels Rockwall goes through some simple exercises that seniors can do from the comfort of home. Some exercises can be done on a chair, other exercises focus on stretching, and so on. 

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Supporting Aging Parents, VA Rockwall 

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As time goes on, aging in place is becoming more popular amongst seniors. Yes, some seniors are still deciding to age in care facilities, but a lot of seniors prefer to age at home nowadays. Visiting Angels Rockwall explains how you can know when your senior loved one needs a helping hand at home. 

You can always try having a conversation with your loved one and directly asking them if they need help at home. Your loved one can be honest with you and tell you if they need help or not; however, many seniors avoid asking for help. Seniors want to keep their sense of independence, so they tend to keep their struggles under wraps. You can look for signs indicating your loved one needs help. 

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Insomnia Information, VA Toms River 

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Everyone is different. At night, some people might have a difficult time falling asleep. On the other hand, some people could fall asleep as soon as their heads touch their pillows. Do you have a difficult time falling asleep? You should look into insomnia information if you do have a difficult time falling asleep at night. Visiting Angels Toms River breaks down information regarding insomnia. Some symptoms of insomnia include a change in sleep pattern, waking up multiple times at night, and feeling unrested after waking up. 

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Lonely Seniors, VA Toms River 

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If your senior loved one has decided to age in the comfort of home, there are probably a couple of things you are worried about. For instance, you might worry about your loved one feeling lonely. Visiting Angels Toms River discusses senior loneliness. 

When a senior decides to age in place, a family member might decide to become their family caregiver. If you are your senior loved one’s caregiver, you might find yourself needing to leave your loved one alone to tend to your own responsibilities. When you need to take care of your personal matters, you can depend on Visiting Angels Toms River’s respite care services. A professional caregiver can provide your loved one with the needed support while you are away. 

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