Music Therapy, VA Manassas 

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Have you been considering therapy for your aging loved one? If you have, have you ever considered music therapy? You can always chat with your loved one’s doctor, and your loved one, to see if music therapy would be a good option or not. Music therapy actually comes with a lot of great benefits for seniors. Visiting Angels Manassas highlights nine music therapy benefits for seniors. Music therapy helps a senior manage their stress, depression, social connections, and so on. Sitting down with a professional to play, listen, or create music can make a difference. 

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Visiting Angels Manassas Shares Skin Tips 

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Do you know what your largest organ is? Believe it or not, your largest organ is your skin. Your skin helps keep harmful substances out of your body, so it plays an important role in your day-to-day life. There are a couple of things that you can do if you would like to keep your skin nice and healthy. Visiting Angels Manassas explains how you can maintain healthy skin. 

One of the five suggestions that Visiting Angels Manassas highlights is sun protection. In other words, you try to protect your skin from sun damage. To protect your skin, you should do your best to apply sunscreen while you are out and about. Furthermore, while you are outside, you need to remember to reapply your sunscreen as often as needed. Sunscreen can lose its effectiveness over time, so you can reapply it to keep your skin as protected as possible. 

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Discussing Loss and Grief, VA Lake Norman 

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There are all kinds of emotions that a person can feel, and grief is one emotion. Visiting Angels Lake Norman explains how a person can cope with loss and grief. While reading the information Visiting Angels shares, keep in mind that everyone responds to grief differently. First, it is important to understand what grief is. Grief is an emotion that a person feels when a loved one passes away. A life altering event, like a divorce or miscarriage, can also lead to feelings of grief. Plus, there are various ways a person can grieve. 

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Healthy Food for Autumn, VA Lake Norman 

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During the holidays, people tend to eat delicious meals; however, those same delicious meals are not always the healthiest meals. Visiting Angels Lake Norman brings up a couple of healthy foods that you can try eating throughout the holidays. 

Do you love fruit? If you do, you should make sure to add fruit to your diet during this time of the year. Visiting Angels Lake Norman points out how seniors, over the age of 51, should try their best to eat around two cups of fruit every day. Fruit is great because they provide vitamins and antioxidants. Other than fruit, you can also try adding more leafy greens to your diet. Leafy greens, like cabbage and kale, are actually in season right now. So, you can most likely find some great quality leafy greens to enjoy. 

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The Sunshine Vitamin is Important, VA Knoxville 

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When you think of important vitamins, what comes to mind? Visiting Angels Knoxville explains the importance of vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin. For starters, vitamin D helps people regulate their emotions. If a person lacks vitamin D for a long period of time, they might experience increased symptoms of depression. Furthermore, the sunshine vitamin is known for helping people regulate their thoughts. Meaning, that when a person is low on vitamin D, their ability to think might become impaired. As you can see, vitamin D is important during the winter because the few hours of sunlight can make it more difficult for a person to get the amount of vitamin D they need. 

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Seniors can Maintain their Independence, VA Knoxville 

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There are a lot of things that most seniors fear. For instance, many seniors fear losing their independence as they grow older. Yes, seniors need more help as the years pass by, but that does not mean that they can no longer live independent lives. In-home care can help seniors maintain their independence and Visiting Angels Knoxville explains the details. 

It is important to note that every home care agency is a bit different. Visiting Angels Knoxville offers personalized home care services that help seniors feel independent while receiving assistance. A senior can express their thoughts and opinions about their care plan and their caregiver will take what they say into consideration while creating the care plan. Having a voice and making choices can help a senior feel independent while receiving professional care. 

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Flu Protection for Seniors, VA Jenkintown 

Three seniors standing while wearing a mask.
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Winter is not the best time for seniors. Not only are the freezing temperatures dangerous, but the flu is also dangerous. Consider taking a look at Visiting Angels Jenkintown’s advice if you would like to protect your senior loved one from the flu as best as you can. To start off, you should try learning about the flu. To be more specific, you should try to learn about flu symptoms. There are common symptoms like fever, chills, and cough. Then there are symptoms that could indicate that a person needs additional medical care. Those symptoms include severe vomiting, confusion, and so on. 

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Hospice Care and Palliative Care Differences, VA Jenkintown 

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When you think of home care services, what comes to mind? While there are various home care services out there, some can sound similar to others. Hospice care and palliative care are often confused for one another. Visiting Angels Jenkintown breaks down the differences between palliative and hospice care services. 

The main difference between palliative care and hospice care is a client’s life expectancy. Palliative care is a service that is meant to help people who are dealing with a life-limiting condition. A person who is receiving treatment for their illness can also rely on palliative care. However, hospice care is meant to help people who are nearing the end of their lives. To be more specific, those who have around six months left to live can rely on hospice care. A person can be nearing the end of their life naturally or as a result of an illness. 

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Senior Care During the Holidays, VA Garland 

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If you currently live far away from your aging loved one, you might be worried about the upcoming holiday season. Your worries can increase if you cannot visit your loved one during the holidays this year. If you are worried, try relying on Visiting Angels Garland’s home care services. While you are away, a professional caregiver can look after your aging loved one to provide the care they need. For instance, if your loved one needs help communicating with their family and friends during the holidays, a caregiver can help. If your loved one needs emotional support, a caregiver can help. 

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Quotes About Aging, VA Garland 

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Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to aging. Some people do not worry about the fact that they are aging and changing with time. Other people worry about the changes that they will experience as they continue to age. Visiting Angels Garland shares quotes that can help you think about aging differently. After all, aging is just another part of life. 

Below are two examples of the quotes Visiting Angels Garland lists. 

  1. “Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!” – Ingrid Bergman 
  1. “Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.” – Groucho Marx 

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