Seniors and Their Vision, VA St Louis Park

A zoom in on an elderly man's eyes.
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Seniors experience changes as the years pass by. Furthermore, seniors deal with both mental and physical changes. Visiting Angels St Louis Park shares information regarding common vision conditions in seniors. The following is information about Glaucoma. 

Visiting Angels St Louis Park begins by explaining what Glaucoma is. Simply put, Glaucoma is a vision condition that is the result of damaged optic nerves. How can optic nerves be damaged? If too much fluid builds up behind a person’s eye, their optic nerves can be damaged. As a result of damaged nerves, a person develops blind spots. There are symptoms that seniors can be on the lookout for, like blurry vision, eye pain, and nausea. 

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Rewards for Being a Caregiver, VA Prescott

An elderly man smiling at a younger man.
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Professional caregivers, and family caregivers, have a lot of responsibilities to keep up with. Visiting Angels Prescott breaks down a couple of rewards that caregivers often experience.  For one, caregivers know that they make a difference in the lives of their clients. If a client needs support in their day-to-day life, they can depend on their caregiver. Families trust caregivers to provide senior loved ones with the needed assistance. In other words, caregivers understand that they play an important role in the lives of their clients. 

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The Dangers of Summer, VA Prescott

An elderly woman wearing a sun hat and smiling.
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While people love to spend time outside during the summer, spending too much time in hot temperatures can be dangerous for anyone. Seniors, in particular, need to be careful. Visiting Angels Prescott breaks down some heat-related dangers. 

Visiting Angels Prescott explains the differences between heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Both conditions are a result of being exposed to high temperatures for too long. First, a person suffers from heat exhaustion. If a person feels tired, weak, or develops a headache, they should cool themselves down as quickly as possible. If a person does not cool down, they can develop a heatstroke. Those who suffer from a heatstroke require immediate medical attention. Signs of heat stroke include a high body temperature and rapid heartbeat. 

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Seniors and Visiting Angles, VA Farmington MO

Seniors in a public park.
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Everyone ages differently; however, at one point or another, seniors end up needing help. Seniors need help with a variety of things, and Visiting Angels can help. Visiting Angels Farmington MO breaks down how they support seniors. 

More seniors have been wanting to age in place. To help seniors age in place, Visiting Angels Farmington MO offers a variety of in-home care services. Some examples of services include dementia care, companion care, and private duty care. With professional care services, seniors can age in the comfort of home for as long as possible. 

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Seniors Staying Energized, VA Farmington MO

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Are you starting to feel the effects of aging? If you are, you are probably looking into ways to stay healthy. Visiting Angels Farmington MO brings up energy in older adults, and explains how food can help you can stay energized as you get older. 

For starters, you should develop some kind of idea of how your body turns food into energy. All you really need to do is chew your food and swallow it. Once you swallow your food, your body takes care of the rest. Simply put, your digestive system will take the food that you swallowed and break everything down. As the food breaks down, nutrients and vitamins are extracted. The vitamins and nutrients are then used to fuel your body. 

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Signs and Symptoms of PTSD, VA Marietta

An elderly man sitting on his bed while thinking.
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Mental health conditions are just as important as physical health conditions. When it comes to mental health conditions, Visiting Angels Marietta shares information regarding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a mental health disorder that is caused by a traumatic event. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder brings up a variety of symptoms. One symptom that many PTSD patients deal with is anxiety. Visiting Angels Marietta discusses how a routine can help PTSD patients manage their anxiety. If a person develops a daily routine, they know what they are going to do throughout the day. In other words, a routine decreases anxiety because a patient feels more grounded and in control of their life. 

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Visiting Angels Marietta Talks About Ageism

An elderly man working on a laptop.
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There are different forms of discrimination that affect different people. For instance, older people often deal with ageism. What is ageism? As the name of the term implies, ageism is when an older person is discriminated against based on their age. Visiting Angels Marietta discusses the details of ageism. 

While age does affect people mentally and physically, that does not mean that seniors cannot live independent lives. Seniors can still do a variety of things, they just need to believe in their abilities. Visiting Angels Marietta explains how ageism can influence the way older adults view themselves. If a person is constantly being told they cannot do something by themselves, they will probably start to believe what they hear. To overcome ageism, seniors can try a couple of different things. 

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The Benefits of Round the Clock Home Care, VA Lake Norman

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Everyone ages differently. Furthermore, seniors who decide to age in place need different levels of care. While some seniors are okay with a couple hours of home assistance, other seniors need around the clock support. Visiting Angels Lake Norman discusses the benefits of 24-hour home care services. 

If you are too busy to take your loved one to places they need to go, you can always rely on a professional caregiver. Visiting Angels Lake Norman explains how one benefit that comes with 24-hour care is transportation. A professional caregiver can provide transportation and take your senior loved one where they need to be. For instance, a caregiver can take your loved one to their doctor’s appointments. 

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Visiting Angels Lake Norman Talks About Music Therapy

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There is more than one type of therapy. Speech therapy can help people communicate and express themselves better. Physical therapy can help a person work on their body. Visiting Angels Lake Norman discusses how music therapy can help seniors. 

Seniors who have been diagnosed with depression, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, or another type of condition, can benefit from music therapy. What is music therapy? Basically, music therapy is exactly as it sounds. A professional works with a client and encourages their client to use music to improve their mental health. A music therapy patient can express themselves by singing, playing an instrument, making up a song, and more. The main point of music therapy is to help a person enhance their mental health and general wellbeing. 

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Our Caregivers, VA NE Ohio

An older woman reading a book.
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Working as a professional caregiver is a lot of work but it is also rewarding. Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio talks about their caregivers. When it comes to Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio caregivers, families can rest assured knowing that their aging loved ones are in dependable hands. Not only are Visiting Angels caregivers dependable, they are also hard workers, self-driven, patient, and understanding. Furthermore, when a client needs physical and mental support, a caregiver should be able to provide the support in an effective and gentle manner. 

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