Seniors Living Alone at Home, VA Sarasota

An elderly man sitting on the side of his bed.
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Every senior is different. While some seniors are okay aging in place alone, other seniors could feel lonely. Visiting Angels Sarasota brings up a couple of ways seniors can combat loneliness. If you think that your senior loved one is lonely, you can try to send them a letter. Your loved one is sure to appreciate a letter from you, especially if your loved one is not very comfortable using technology. You can write whatever you want in your letter. You can also send pictures if you want to. Furthermore, if you want to send your loved one larger items, you can gather a couple of things to send a small care package. 

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Seniors Dealing with Social Isolation, VA Santa Clarita

An elderly man exercising with the help of a woman.
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Many seniors have been having a difficult time since the pandemic began. There are several seniors who are feeling the effects of social isolation. While social isolation is affecting many people, there are ways to combat it. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita brings up a couple of ways seniors can combat social isolation as the pandemic continues. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Santa Clarita shares has to do with purpose. Seniors who nurture a sense of purpose for themselves tend to feel less socially isolated. Every senior can think about their own life and come up with a sense of purpose that best suits them. For instance, a senior can be motivated by their safe volunteer work. Another senior could be motivated because of their pets. 

Visiting Angels Santa Clarita also brings up how seniors can try engaging their brains more. Like before, there are many things that can engage a person’s brain. For instance, a senior can try reading a book of their choice. A senior can also try playing some brain games online, completing a puzzle, and more. 

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Social Isolation and Its Consequences for Seniors, VA Cullman

An elderly man wearing a hat.
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There are many reasons why a senior might be feeling lonely and socially isolated. Maybe they cannot find a way to visit their loved ones as often as they would like to. Maybe their loved ones are busy and can only visit here and there. Visiting Angels Cullman brings up some of the consequences that seniors can experience from social isolation. 

Seniors can experience four problems if they are socially isolated. Visiting Angels Cullman starts off by discussing depression. Loneliness and depression are often linked, so it makes sense that socially isolated seniors can develop depression. There are various symptoms of depression that seniors can develop. Some examples of symptoms include weight loss, signs of anger, and neglect of personal hygiene. Visiting Angels Cullman also brings up some physical signs of depression. 

Other than depression, seniors can also experience higher risks when it comes to cognitive decline. With age, the brain changes, and mental decline is normal. However, by socializing, and by keeping the brain engaged, people can slow down the effects of mental decline. Seniors, who are socially isolated, do not have access to the cognitive benefits that come from socializing. 

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Seniors Socializing, VA St. Louis Park

An elderly man looking at his laptop while talking on his phone.
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Social isolation can negatively impact seniors. Humans need to socialize with one another because humans need to keep up with their social wellness. Seniors, in particular, need to make sure they are on top of their social wellness. To help seniors socialize, Visiting Angels St. Louis Park shares activities. 

If you think about it, how did you make friends when you were younger? Children, teens, and young adults often make the most social connections during their years of schooling. So, the first activity that Visiting Angels St. Louis Park brings up is enrolling in an online class. Seniors can look into the online classes being offered, at the moment, and enroll in something that sounds interesting. Through the class, seniors can build new connections and meet new people. 

Visiting Angels St. Louis Park also mentions how seniors can join a book club. Seniors can read interesting books and hear several different opinions surrounding the same book. Book clubs are a great place for seniors to talk to others and make new friendships. If book clubs and online classes do not seem interesting, seniors can take a look at Visiting Angels St. Louis Park’s other suggestions. 

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The Elderly and Socializing, VA Mentor

An elderly woman talking on the phone.
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COVID-19 has kept people from socializing face to face for months now. While social distancing is still advised, that does not mean that people should isolate themselves. Visiting Angels Mentor discusses the importance of socializing when it comes to seniors. 

Visiting Angels Mentor brings up 3 main reasons why people should socialize. For one, social isolation can lead to poor health and self-neglect. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, social isolation has been linked to a higher risk of stroke, heart disease, and dementia in the elderly. 

Furthermore, lack of socialization can lead to depression and self-neglect. Visiting Angels Mentor mentions the National Institiute of Aging’s findings. According to the Institiute, symptoms of depression in seniors can include irritability, less energy, and poor sleeping habits. Though the world is currently undergoing a pandemic, seniors can still socialize through the use of technology. Take a look at Visiting Angels Mentor’ social care program. 

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Visiting Angels Hurst Brings Up Some Ways Seniors Can Combat Loneliness

An elderly man sitting on a bench and looking out onto a lake.
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Seniors tend to feel socially isolated. While everyone has their own reaction to feeling lonely, Visiting Angels Hurst offers advice for those wanting to combat their loneliness. 

There are two services that Visiting Angels Hurst offers to combat loneliness. First, companion care. Companion care services provide your loved one with a caregiver. While the caregiver will take care of your loved one’s essential needs, like any other caregiver, companion care adds another layer to Visiting Angels Hurst’s care services. With companion care, the caretaker will take extra steps to make sure your loved one does not feel completely alone. A real bond of friendship ends up forming between caregivers and their clients because of the communication and interactions between the two. 

Another service that Visiting Angels Hurst can provide you aging loved one with is called “social care”. You might be worried about your loved one visiting their family and friends during the pandemic; however, you probably do not want to isolate them either. Social care is when a Visiting Angels Hurst caretaker teaches your loved one how to communicate with their family and friends via technology. 

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Elderly and Socializing, VA Gulf Shores

An elderly man using a phone.
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Social isolation impacts seniors in a negative way; thus, it is important for seniors to continue to socialize as they age. Visiting Angels Gulf Shores explains exactly why the elderly should socialize. 

At the moment, many seniors continue to be separated from their friends and family because of the pandemic. While seniors are being kept away, it is for their safety. Plus, it is important to bring up how seniors do not have to leave their homes in order to socialize. Seniors can continue to socialize via video chat, messenger, or through other uses of technology. In other words, seniors are physically apart from their loved ones, but they can keep their connections strong via technology. 

Now, why is socializing so important for the elderly? Visiting Angels Gulf Shores breaks down how social isolation can lead to higher risks of depression, self-neglect, poor health, and cognitive decline. So, to prevent seniors from suffering mentally and physically, socializing is encouraged. 

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The Feeling of Isolation and Seniors, VA NNMP

An elderly person looking into the camera.
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The pandemic has affected the lives of the everyone. Now, many seniors could be feeling lonelier than ever. Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula brings up some advice if you would like to help your elderly loved one feel less isolated. 

For one, it is important to understand that social isolation can have negative impacts on the health of your loved one. Visiting Angels NNMP brings up some psychological and physical risks of social isolation, and here are some below: 

  1. Falls 
  1. Depression 
  1. Eating Disorder 
  1. Anxiety 
  1. And More 

If you would like to help you loved one, enlisting the help of a caretaker would be a great way to help. Visiting Angels NNMP offers companion care. With companion care, your loved one can play games, have conversations, and exercise with their caretaker. Additionally, the caregiver can teach your loved one how to reach out to family and friends using video chat or messaging apps. 

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Keeping an Eye on Seniors During COVID-19, VA Fort Worth

Photo of a person wearing a face mask.
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Staying positive during these difficult times can be difficult. The elderly in particular can be having a difficult time dealing with the social isolation brought on by the pandemic. Visiting Angels Fort Worth shares some ways that you can help your elderly loved one cheer up and stay connected to their loved ones. 

Practicing social distancing does not mean that your loved one has to feel socially isolated. Yes, your loved one cannot meet face to face with their friends or family; however, your loved one can still keep in touch with everyone they care about. With the power of technology, your loved one can simply call someone and talk with them for as long as they want. All you need to do is teach your loved one how to use video chat platforms like Facetime, Zoom, and Skype.  

If your loved one gets bored with video chat platforms, you can suggest a hobby for them. The hobbies can range from reading, puzzles, knitting, and more. Try asking your loved one what they are interested in and then suggest a hobby that you think they would like based on their likes. 

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The Benefits of Socializing, VA Atlanta East

Elderly man sitting down and reading a newspaper.
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People around the world have been practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social isolation can be difficult for a lot of people; however, the elderly are especially vulnerable to isolation. Visiting Angels Atlanta East discusses how seniors have been impacted by the lack of social interactions. 

It is important to understand how much socialization means to seniors. Visiting Angels explains how seniors gain emotional, cognitive and physical benefits from social activities. The elderly can experience emotional benefits because they maintain their self-esteem and sustain long lasting friendships when they socialize. When it comes to the cognitive stimulation caused by socializing, memory lose can be slowed. Lastly, physical rewards include improving sleep and boosting the immune system. 

As a result of social isolation, all the benefits mentioned earlier can be taken away from seniors. To help seniors socialize through COVID-19, Visiting Angels caretakers have been helping the elderly socialize in different ways. Through the use of technology, caretakers have been helping seniors communicate through video chat, texting, email, Facebook and more. Although social distancing is keeping people away physically, there are other ways to be there for one another. 

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