Aging Parents and Worry, VA Knoxville

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Do you have aging parents? If you do, do you find yourself constantly worrying about your parents? Many children worry about the health and safety of their parents, especially if their parents are aging in place. Visiting Angels Knoxville goes through a couple of reasons why hiring a professional home care provider can help give you peace of mind. 

When it comes to Visiting Angels Knoxville, you should be aware of the fact that Visiting Angels does its best to provide the best care for its clients. You can rest easy knowing that a professional Visiting Angels caregiver is watching over your loved one. Every client is given their own personalized care plan. The plan is created based on a client’s needs and a professional caregiver uses their experience to provide the best care possible. 

If you are the family caregiver, and you provide care for your parents’ needs, you do not need to turn over all your caregiving responsibilities to Visiting Angels. Instead, you could take advantage of Visiting Angels Knoxville’s respite care services. Respite care is a service that was designed to provide seniors with temporary professional care whenever the care is needed. 

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Breaking Down COVID-19 Precautions, VA Jenkintown

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COVID-19 has been affecting people all over the world for several months now. There have been various precautions set in place to keep the pandemic from spreading, but it is up to individuals to follow the safety measures. Visiting Angels Jenkintown discusses how you can speak to your senior loved one about COVID-19. 

Before sitting down with your loved one, you should do some research. The information surrounding COVID-19 is always changing as more and more information is discovered. While doing your research, remember to look through reliable resources. You can look at the information that the news has to offer and you can look at what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to say.  

Once you have gathered up-to-date information, you can sit down with your loved one. Try asking them what they know about COVID-19. You can also ask them what they have been doing to stay healthy. 

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Getting Energized, VA Mobile

An elderly couple walking together.
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Ever since the pandemic began, it can be difficult to energize yourself. The days in which you do nothing can become your new normal. However, there are ways that you can energize yourself, even as the pandemic continues. Visiting Angels Mobile shares some helpful advice. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Mobile brings up can sound ironic. There are a total of four tips, and the first tip recommends exercising. While using up your energy to improve your energy levels can sound weird, there is reasoning behind the suggestion. Humans need to move around. Visiting Angels Mobile explains how the more you move your body, the happier it will be. You do not have to do any hard core or extreme types of workouts. You can do yoga, you can run, and you can do any exercise that you feel comfortable doing. 

The second suggestion is to sleep. The pandemic has made people feel stressed and overwhelmed for a variety of reasons. Thus, some people could be having a difficult time getting to sleep at night. Visiting Angels Mobile breaks down how a good night’s sleep can help you feel refreshed and energized when you wake up. 

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Visiting Angels Manassas’ In-Home Care

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Caring for an aging loved one can be a lot of work. You can place your loved one in a nursing home, but that is not the only way you can help them. If your loved one wishes to age in the comfort of their home, you can seek help from a home care provider. Visiting Angels Manassas brings up the various types of care it offers for seniors. 

If you would like to enlist the help of a professional caregiver, you just need to set up a consultation meeting with Visiting Angels Manassas. You can decide the date and time for the meeting and Visiting Angels Manassas will work with you. During the meeting, you will be asked several questions about your loved one. You will be asked about you elderly loved one’s medical conditions and what they need help with. After the meeting, your loved one will be matched with a caregiver. 

You can decide how often you would like the caregiver to care for your loved one. You can pick specific days, weekends, weekdays, and whatever you would like. Visiting Angels Manassas offers many care services including dementia care, Alzheimer’s care, and respite care. 

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Visiting Angels Lewisburg Shares Natural Sleep Remedies

An elderly couple laying in bed.
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There are many reasons why people have a difficult time falling asleep at night. Whether it be because of insomnia, stress, or another reason. Visiting Angels Lewisburg shares a couple of natural sleep remedies to help seniors get to sleep. 

In total, there are five sleep remedies that Visiting Angels Lewisburg brings up. The second tip has to do with exercise. Seniors should make sure to get their daily walk in before bed. Doing some light exercises or yoga can help seniors let out some energy. With less energy at night, seniors should have an easier time falling asleep. However, it is always best to avoid exercise before bedtime.  

Having a sleep schedule can also help seniors fall asleep. If seniors have a set time to fall asleep and then a set time to wake up, they can make sure to get their 7 hours, or more, of daily sleep. 

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Peace in Chaos, VA Crystal Lake

An elderly woman drinking from a small cup and smiling.
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There are many things currently happening around the world. COVID-19 has disrupted the day to day life of people all over the world. Thus, it can feel like an overwhelming time for many people. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake shares some ways that people can find peace in this chaotic year. 

Social distancing is still being advised. As you are staying safe at home, why not start a new hobby? The hobby can help you forget about your worries. Even if you only forget for a little bit. A nice moment of rest is better than no rest. What kind of things are you interested in? You can try looking up a list of hobbies if you have no idea what you want to do. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake mentions a couple of hobbies including writing, knitting, and baking. 

It is also important to consider what is contributing to your stress in the first place. At the moment, many people are constantly reading or watching the news. Yes, the news can provide helpful information but it can cause you to feel more overwhelmed. Try limiting your news exposure. 

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Annual Eye Exams for the Elderly, VA Punta Gorda

A photo of an eye exam taking place.
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Many seniors are good at keeping up with their doctor appointments, but fall behind when it comes to their annual eye exam. Visiting Angels Punta Gorda breaks down why seniors should care about their annual eye exam. 

Off the top of your head, do you know what eye exams are for? Yes, eye exams are used to see if you need an updated glasses or contacts prescription, but the exam is also great for other things. Visiting Angels Punta Gorda explains how the annual exams are perfect for taking a close look at someone’s eye. The older you get, the more vision problems you may develop. Afterall, the risk for eye problems does increase with age.  

When seniors visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist, the professional will be able to spot any problems that could be developing. Most of the time, the earlier a vision problem is detected, the more options are available to treat the condition. If the condition gets treated earlier rather than later, it can be stopped before it develops into something worse. 

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Wellness Areas that Seniors Tend to Miss, VA Sarasota

Elderly man holding a stress ball.
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Time can pass quickly. You can be in your early 30s one moment and in your 60s the next moment. Visiting Angels Sarasota emphasizes three areas of wellness that seniors need to take care of as they age. 

Hydration is the first area of wellness that Visiting Angels Sarasota brings up. Did you know that your thirst sensation diminishes with age? What does that mean? Visiting Angels Sarasota breaks down how the body gets less signals to hydrate as you get older. In other words, seniors are more likely to get hydration signals once they are already dehydrated. Thus, seniors should make sure to drink plenty of water every day. They can speak to their doctor when it comes to finding out the specific amount of water they need to drink. 

The second thirst sensation is oral health. Yes, many people are not comfortable at the dentist, but Visiting Angels Sarasota explains why oral health is important. Enamel wears down with age and keeping up with your oral health can help seniors avoid serious oral issues. 

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Visiting Angels Southlake Discusses Social Distancing Visits

An elderly man smiling at the camera.
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The elderly are at risk when it comes to COVID-19. Social distancing is important because it helps prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Visiting Angels Southlake brings up some ways you can make your visits more fun while keeping your loved one safe. 

During the summer, many families tend to have a family reunion. While people should not gather in large crowds, Visiting Angels Southlake shares a great way for families to carry out a family reunion. First, depending on the amount of people, the family can be divided into small groups. Every small group can gather in a different location and use Zoom to have a large virtual family gathering. The small groups can then take pictures and the pictures can be stitched together to form one complete family reunion photo. 

If your family does not hold family reunions, you can encourage your kids to have a bit of fun. Visiting Angels Southlake recommends visiting your loved one’s home with your kids. The kids can draw on the sidewalk and leave nice messages or drawing for your senior loved one. 

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Ideas to Help Seniors Stay Active While Social Distancing, VA Santa Clarita

An elderly man looking into the distance with binoculars.
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Seniors do not have to head to a gym or senior center to stay active. There are plenty of ways seniors can practice social distancing and stay active. In fact, Visiting Angels Santa Clarita brings up four ways seniors can stay active from the comfort of home. 

When someone is inside all day, it can be easy to spend the whole day siting back and watching television. However, seniors should try to move as much as they can. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita recommends setting a long-term goal. For example, if a senior cannot stand for more than five minutes, they can set a long-term goal to eventually stand up for 15 minutes. The senior can then set up short term goals to help them achieve that long-term goal. A short-term goal can be to stand up for five minutes every hour. 

Seniors can also find some fun hobbies to get them up and moving. If someone is doing something they enjoy, they will have more fun being active. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita suggests that seniors should bird watch, bake, and or garden. 

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