Breaking Down COVID-19 Precautions, VA Jenkintown

COVID-19 stock photo.
Photo by CDC from Pexels

COVID-19 has been affecting people all over the world for several months now. There have been various precautions set in place to keep the pandemic from spreading, but it is up to individuals to follow the safety measures. Visiting Angels Jenkintown discusses how you can speak to your senior loved one about COVID-19. 

Before sitting down with your loved one, you should do some research. The information surrounding COVID-19 is always changing as more and more information is discovered. While doing your research, remember to look through reliable resources. You can look at the information that the news has to offer and you can look at what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to say.  

Once you have gathered up-to-date information, you can sit down with your loved one. Try asking them what they know about COVID-19. You can also ask them what they have been doing to stay healthy. 

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