Seniors and Scams, VA Mentor

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Scammers are always out to steal something from someone. Visiting Angels Mentor discusses why scammers tend to target seniors specifically. 

What do many seniors tend to have? A life’s saving account. Seniors spend their whole life saving up money so they can live out their elderly years in peace and comfort. Some seniors might only have enough to barely get by, but scammers do not care. Scammers are only interested in stealing as much money as they can. Seniors also tend to be more trustworthy, and scammers use that trust against them in a variety of ways. 

Visiting Angels Mentor brings up a couple of examples of how scammers get money from seniors. For one, scammers try to steal a person’s identity. By stealing their identity, scammers can use the personal information to access the senior’s money. Additionally, scammers might try to convince the senior to hand over their money willingly. A scammer can lie and manipulate the senior to get the money they want. Lastly, scammers can offer fake services and products to seniors. The products and services could appear to be legit, but the scammer can turn the tables instantly. 

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Visiting Angels NNMP Explains Elderspeak

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Elderspeak can be harmful for seniors. Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula breaks down what elderspeak is and how it impacts seniors. 

What is elderspeak? Visiting Angels NNMP defines elderspeak as a unique speech pattern that is similar to baby talk. Elderspeak is when people change their way of speaking when talking to seniors. Those who use elderspeak often slow their speech, simplify their grammar, use “we” and “us” instead of “you”, etc. Needless to say, elderspeak is not necessary when speaking to the elderly. 

Seniors often take elderspeak in a negative way. Visiting Angels NNMP brings up how many seniors develop depression, low-self-esteem, and embarrassment when someone uses elderspeak. The elderly can still follow conversations. If anything, seniors just need a bit more time and patience to understand a complicated conversation. 

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Visiting Angels NNMP Palliative Care

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Palliative care and hospice care are often thought to be the same thing, but that is not the case. Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula explains the difference between the two and discusses its palliative care service. 

Both palliative care and hospice care share a similar goal, to help seniors live a more comfortable life. The main difference between palliative care and hospice care is the fact that hospice care is meant for individuals who are nearing the end of their life. On the other hand, palliative care can support those who just need extra help due to serious medical issues that cause daily discomfort. Out of the two, Visiting Angels NNMP offers professional in-home palliative care services. 

There are many benefits to in-home care in general. For instance, with in-home care, a senior has the full attention of their caregiver. The one on one care is great for those in palliative care because they can receive the prompt attention they need. The caregiver can help their client bathe, get dressed, go grocery shopping, etc. Palliative care provides amazing help from the comfort of home. 

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Seniors Should Consider These 3 Things Before Enrolling in a Nursing Home, VA North Fort Myers

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There are benefits for seniors living in nursing homes and seniors who decide to age at home. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers breaks down some things that seniors should be aware of if they have been considering aging in a senior living community. 

The number one priority of seniors should be their health. When looking into nursing homes, seniors should make sure that the nursing home, that they choose, can offer them the care that they need. Seniors who suffer from medical conditions like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, should look into nursing homes that can provide them with personalized care. The problem is, many senior living communities do not cater to seniors who need extra care and attention. 

Those who do offer personalized care services might charge more for the care. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers goes onto explain how many nursing homes cost a lot more then they might lead on. There are extra fees and monthly fees that can be adjusted after a contract is signed. Thus, seniors should make sure to deeply review the cost of the senior living community they are looking into. 

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Visiting Angels Mobile Explains the Benefits of In-Home Care

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Families rely on in-home care and nursing care to provide care for an aging loved one. Visiting Angels Mobile breaks down the benefits of in-home care. 

One of the biggest benefits to in-home care is the personalized care seniors receive. Nursing homes often appoint multiple residents to a single caregiver. In other words, caregivers in nursing homes must attend to the needs of multiple patients. With in-home care, caregivers only concern themselves with one client. The one-on-one care brought on from in-home care is amazing. Seniors can receive the support they need. Furthermore, a bond can be developed between a caregiver and their client.  

Not only do seniors get the full attention of their caregiver, seniors also get to age in the place they feel most comfortable. Many people have fond memories associated with their homes. Seniors are no different. Seniors who wish to age in place feel happy and comfortable in the place where they spent most of their life. Imagine how difficult it must be for seniors with dementia to move into an unfamiliar nursing home. 

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Assisted Living Care for Your Parent, VA Gulf Shores

An elderly woman and man surrounded by flowers.
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Parents age just like everyone else. While it is difficult to watch your parents grow older, Visiting Angels Gulf Shores explains why it is important to keep an eye on your parents. 

There are various signs that you should keep an eye out for if you are deciding whether or not to hire help for your parents. For one, you can see how they are keeping up with their personal hygiene. If your elderly loved ones have not been bathing, doing laundry, or brushing their teeth, they could be having a difficult time keeping up with their needs. 

Furthermore, you can check on the condition of their home. Are they cleaning their home? If you notice that their home is messy, that could be another sign that they can use a helping hand. You can also try asking them why they have not been cleaning as much. 

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Visiting Angels Jenkintown Discusses In-Home Care

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Finding help for an aging loved one can be difficult. Visiting Angels Jenkintown discusses some of the attributes you should look for when choosing an in-home care provider. 

One of the first things that you should look into is the reputation of the provider. Take a look at the reviews that other families have left. Are the majority positive or negative? It is best to avoid providers who have a majority negative reviews. Afterall, you probably want your loved one to receive the best care they can possibly can in the comfort of their home.  

The second thing you should consider is the experience of the provider. How long has the provider been offering in-home care services? If your aging loved one needs a certain amount of care, or if they have been diagnosed with a condition, it is best to look into providers who have plenty of years of experience. 

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Visiting Angels Jenkintown Shares Ideas on How to Bring the Outside In

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Older adults need to be careful with the summer heat. The bodies of seniors do not regulate temperatures as well as they used to. Visiting Angels Jenkintown discusses ways to bring the outdoor fun inside. 

Plants thrive in the summer. Visiting Angels Jenkintown encourages seniors to purchase a couple of houseplants. There are various benefits to owning houseplants. For one, houseplants can liven up any room in a home. Furthermore, depending on the type of plant, seniors have something to look after on a daily basis. Seniors who do not have much experience with plants can purchase a low maintenance plant to start off with. Then, with time, they can decide whether or not to buy more. Many houseplants are happy year-round, they just get more sunlight during the summer months. 

Summer is also the most popular time to go to the beach. However, because of the extreme heat, seniors can succumb to heat stroke or other heat related problems. Visiting Angels Jenkintown brings up how seniors can buy kinetic sand to enjoy some of the beach fun. 

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Keeping Your Aging Mind Sharp, VA Lewisburg

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Both your brain and body undergo changes with age. Visiting Angels Lewisburg brings up tips that can help you keep your mind sharp as the years go by. 

You have probably heard this a lot but a healthy diet is a great foundation for many things. In this case, a healthy diet can help provide your brain with the support it needs; plus, it can help reduce brain inflammation. By eating healthy meals, you are providing your brain with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay sharp. Visiting Angels Lewisburg mentions a couple of foods that you should consider adding to your diet. The list of foods includes green leafy vegetables, avocados, nuts, and whole grains. 

If you are already working on creating a healthy diet, you can also consider adding exercise to your daily routine. Exercise is great for the body and it is great for the brain. How does exercise help the brain? Well, Visiting Angels Lewisburg provides a list of benefits. Some of the benefits include increased blood flow, better sleep at night, and a release of endorphins. 

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Ideas for Celebrating Summer, VA Knoxville

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Summer can be difficult for the elderly because of the dangerous hot temperatures; however, that does not mean that seniors cannot find ways to enjoy summer. Visiting Angels Knoxville discusses 5 ways seniors can enjoy these summer months. 

Everyone should drink around 8 cups of water daily. Many seniors struggle when it comes to keeping up with how much water they drink. It can be more difficult for seniors to keep up with their water intake during the summer. Visiting Angels Knoxville brings up how seniors can enjoy some delicious food while providing more water for their body. Some of the foods mentioned are tomatoes, lettuce, watermelon, and cucumbers.  

Seniors can also indulge in some nice cool treats during the warmer months. For instance, ice cream is a great summer treat. Having too much ice cream can be bad for seniors, but if they have some ice cream here and there, they should be fine. Visiting Angels Knoxville discusses how seniors can find some shade outside in their front or back yard to sit under and enjoy some ice cream. 

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