The Sandwich Generation, VA Rockwall 

Grandparents eating with their grandchildren.
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The sandwich generation is exactly as it sounds. A person, who is looking after their own children and their aging parents, at the same time, is part of the sandwich generation. In other words, a person sandwiched between looking after both their children and parents can consider themselves to be a member of the sandwich generation. It can be stressful to look after children and seniors. Visiting Angels Rockwall breaks down a couple of ways home caregivers can help those who are part of the sandwich generation. A professional caregiver can help look after senior loved ones when support is needed. 

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Seniors Staying Healthy at Home, VA Knoxville

An elderly man holding a small ball.
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When the pandemic began, seniors were told to stay away from others. After all, seniors are the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Visiting Angels Knoxville explains how seniors can continue to stay healthy while the pandemic continues. 

People of all ages need to make sure that they get plenty of sleep. One’s body and mind are able to rest while one is sleeping. Thus, seniors should make sure to sleep at least 7 hours every night to make sure that their mind and body is resting properly. Seniors who have had their sleep schedules disrupted by the pandemic can always put in a little effort to get back to their healthy sleeping schedule. 

Healthy meals are also important for people of all ages. Seniors with a medical condition like diabetes need to keep track of the food they are eating so their body stays in good health. 

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Visiting Angels Knoxville Discusses Mental Health

Visiting Angels Knoxville Discusses Mental Health
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2020 has not been an easy year. The pandemic, the weather, and unemployment have negatively impacted the lives of many people. Visiting Angels Knoxville discusses why it is important to take care of your mental health during these challenging times. 

Visiting Angels Knoxville starts off by bringing up emotional vocabulary. Essentially, emotional vocabulary is when you develop a sense of how you are feeling and how to talk about your feelings. You can learn about developing your emotional vocabulary by yourself or you can reach out to a professional for help. A therapist would be able to help you get a better understanding of your emotional and mental state of mind. Furthermore, a therapist could also help you understand where your emotions are coming from and what they might mean. 

Other than emotional vocabulary, Visiting Angels Knoxville also talks about depression. The CDC says that 20% of those 55 years or older experience a type of mental health concern. Visiting Angels Knoxville then goes on to list a couple symptoms of depression including fatigue, suicidal thoughts, and changes in sleep patterns. If you think you are developing depression, Visiting Angels Knoxville encourages contacting a professional for help. 

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Home Care Explained, VA Fort Worth

An elderly woman holding a cane.
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In-home care is important for seniors who wish to age in place. While researching in-home care providers, you might come across home health and home care services. The two are not the same. Visiting Angels Fort Worth discusses the differences between home health and home care. 

For seniors who are aging in place, they would benefit from home care. Visiting Angels Fort Worth explains how a home care caregiver can help seniors in their day to day lives. Seniors who need help keeping up with their personal hygiene, getting dressed, or preparing meals can depend on a caregiver. Furthermore, home care services do not require a senior to have any medical reasons to receive care. 

On the other hand, home health requires clients to have a medical reason to have access to the service. Home health is essentially for those who have just gotten surgery or some kind of medical procedure. Home health helps patients recover at home. Once the patient recovers, or is no longer making improvements, they no longer receive home health care. If a client wants to continue with home health, they would need their insurance’s approval and a physician’s referral approving an extension. 

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Visiting Angels Atlanta East and Comfort Care

An elderly man.
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The older people get, the more their bodies slow down and change. While seniors can continue to live in their homes, many could use extra support in their day to day lives. Visiting Angels Atlanta East discusses the comfort care it provides for seniors aging at home. 

When looking into care providers, it is important to see what the provider values. For instance, some providers value professionalism, and others value personalized care. Visiting Angels Atlanta East values compassionate care. What does that mean? Essentially, Visiting Angels Atlanta East provides the needed care for seniors in a dignified, respectful, and compassionate manner. 

The care that Visiting Angels Atlanta East provides is one-on-one personalized care. Caregivers are matched with their clients. Then, once a match has been made, the caregiver visits the home of their client to offer the needed support. 

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Peace in Chaos, VA Crystal Lake

An elderly woman drinking from a small cup and smiling.
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There are many things currently happening around the world. COVID-19 has disrupted the day to day life of people all over the world. Thus, it can feel like an overwhelming time for many people. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake shares some ways that people can find peace in this chaotic year. 

Social distancing is still being advised. As you are staying safe at home, why not start a new hobby? The hobby can help you forget about your worries. Even if you only forget for a little bit. A nice moment of rest is better than no rest. What kind of things are you interested in? You can try looking up a list of hobbies if you have no idea what you want to do. Visiting Angels Crystal Lake mentions a couple of hobbies including writing, knitting, and baking. 

It is also important to consider what is contributing to your stress in the first place. At the moment, many people are constantly reading or watching the news. Yes, the news can provide helpful information but it can cause you to feel more overwhelmed. Try limiting your news exposure. 

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The Elderly and Anxiety, VA West Cincinnati

Elderly man resting his head on his hand.
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Many people have moments in which they feel anxious, but those moments do not occur frequently. While a lot of things come with age, anxiety should not be expected. Visiting Angels West Cincinnati brings up how seniors manage anxiety. 

To get the conversation started, Visiting Angels West Cincinnati discusses signs of panic disorders. To be more specific, Visiting Angels West Cincinnati highlights five kinds of panic disorders and names a couple symptoms of each disorder. One of the panic disorders is called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD. Symptoms of OCD include dizziness, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Another disorder is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD. Signs of GAD include headaches, muscle tension, and fatigue.  

To help seniors deal with their anxiety, Visiting Angels West Cincinnati recommends hiring a professional caregiver. The caregiver can help seniors feel secure and safe at home. 

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Visiting Angels Southlake Discusses Social Distancing Visits

An elderly man smiling at the camera.
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The elderly are at risk when it comes to COVID-19. Social distancing is important because it helps prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Visiting Angels Southlake brings up some ways you can make your visits more fun while keeping your loved one safe. 

During the summer, many families tend to have a family reunion. While people should not gather in large crowds, Visiting Angels Southlake shares a great way for families to carry out a family reunion. First, depending on the amount of people, the family can be divided into small groups. Every small group can gather in a different location and use Zoom to have a large virtual family gathering. The small groups can then take pictures and the pictures can be stitched together to form one complete family reunion photo. 

If your family does not hold family reunions, you can encourage your kids to have a bit of fun. Visiting Angels Southlake recommends visiting your loved one’s home with your kids. The kids can draw on the sidewalk and leave nice messages or drawing for your senior loved one. 

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The Importance of an Emergency Plan for Your Loved One, VA South Elgin

An elderly man reading a book and sitting alone outside.
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Are you currently caring for an aging loved one? If you are, have you thought about an emergency plan for your loved one? Visiting Angels South Elgin explains why families should have an emergency backup plan ready for an elderly loved one. 

Visiting Angels South Elgin first wanted to emphasize how August is National MedicAlert Awareness Month. To celebrate this month, Visiting Angels South Elgin wanted to bring attention to all the good that MedicAlert has brought to seniors. Since 1953 MedicAlert bracelets have been helping seniors. The MedicAlert Foundation works with the Alzheimer’s Foundation. Seniors who have bad memory and are separated from their caregiver can have all their important information on a MedicAlert bracelet so they are reunited with their caregiver. 

The MedicAlert bracelet is an emergency backup plan. It is common for seniors with memory problems to wander off and get lost. The bracelet provides a way for seniors to find their way back home. Visiting Angels South Elgin also explains how in-home care services benefit seniors. A professional caregiver is trained to help their client though their day to day life. 

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Visiting Angels Mentor Discusses Healthy Recipes

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Everyone should keep track of the food that they eat. A body benefits from a healthy diet. Visiting Angels Mentor explains how seniors can cook healthy recipes at home. 

For one, seniors who have serious medical issues or dietary restrictions should contact their doctor. A doctor should be able to give a senior a list of foods that are both nutritious and beneficial for their body. Seniors who do not need a specialized diet can take a look at some general dietary guidelines. The guidelines are helpful when figuring out the right combination of food needed to give seniors the vitamins and nutrients that they need. 

If a senior cannot have gluten they should try to search for food or cooking products that are gluten free. There are more options in the market nowadays for gluten free foods. Also, those who cannot have a lot of sugar should find a combination of foods that will keep their blood levels steady. 

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