Visiting Angels Sarasota’s Fall Prevention Tips

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The body becomes more fragile with age, it is just a part of the natural cycle of life. As a result, seniors are advised to avoid falls because any fall can lead to serious injuries. To help seniors avoid falls, Visiting Angels Sarasota shares a list of 4 great fall prevention tips. Below are 2 of the tips. 

The first tip that Visiting Angels Sarasota brings up is to clean. Seniors should try to keep their homes clean. To be more specific, seniors should try to keep their floors clutter free. Why keep the floors clean? Because the more clutter there is on the floor, the more things a senior can accidently trip over. If a floor is clean, the chances of falling decrease because there is nothing for a senior to trip over. 

Furthermore, seniors should make sure that their homes have sufficient lighting. If seniors can see what is on the floor, or in front of them, they can avoid things that could make them fall. Seniors should also be aware of lighting during the nighttime. Having LEDS lining the hallway, bathroom, and bedroom and help them move around safely at night. 

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Visiting Angels Manassas and Fall Prevention Strategies

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Not all falls have the same impact. Depending on several factors, a fall could leave a bruise or a fall can cause some serious damage. As the years pass by, the body requires more and more time to recover. Thus, falls become more dangerous as people get older.  To help seniors stay safe, Visiting Angels Manassas offers some tips to help prevent falls. 

Did you know, that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 800,000 cases of seniors falling, in the United States, are serious? Yes, the cases vary in severity, but many seniors end up in the hospital because of a fall. Visiting Angels Manassas points out how some seniors suffer from brain injuries or hip injuries. When it comes to hip injuries, 95% of hip fractures, in seniors, are caused by a fall. 

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why seniors want to prevent falling. It is actually pretty simple to prevent some falls. For instance, if seniors keep their homes tidy, and their floors free of clutter, there are less things to trip over. 

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Seniors Can Prevent Falls, VA NNMP

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As the years fly by, your body changes. Things that used to be easy for you, gradually become more difficult. Even falling can lead to serious problems. To help seniors avoid falling, Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula shares some great strategies. 

To get things started, you should have a conversation with your doctor. Ask your doctor if there is anything, related to your health that can lead to a higher risk of falling. For example, you can bring up your medication and ask them if there are any side effects that you should be aware of. Some medication can make people feel dizzy and or disoriented. You should find out if your medication also makes you feel dizzy. Speaking of doctors, when is the last time you went to an eye doctor? Make sure you are keeping up with your yearly eye exams. 

Visiting Angels NNMP also mentions how you should make sure to keep your home nice and clean. When there is clutter on the floor, there is a higher chance that you will fall. So, if you clean your floor, you have can prevent yourself from tripping over objects. 

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Visiting Angels Mobile Shares Fall Prevention Tips

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It is amazing how children are able to recover so quickly after a fall. As you get older, that recovery speed slows down. Visiting Angels Mobile brings up some helpful tips to prevent seniors from falling. 

If you are worried about your aging loved one falling, Visiting Angels Mobile recommends that you start things off by looking at your loved one’s medication and medical conditions. Some medication can make people drowsy or dizzy. Your loved one has a higher chance of falling due to the side effects of their medication. Furthermore, if your elderly loved one suffers from a condition that affects their eyes or ears, they also experience higher odds of falling due to their distorted sight. 

After considering your loved one’s medical conditions and medication, take a look around their home. Is it tidy? The more knickknacks that your aging loved one has laying around on the floor, the higher the risk of falling becomes. If your loved one’s home is nice and clean, then the chances of tripping on wires, boxes, pencils and other things decreases. 

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Useful Fall Prevention Tips, VA Canton

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There is always a danger associated with falling; however, the older you get, the more dangerous a fall can be. Many seniors are sent to the hospital because of a fall. Visiting Angles Canton knows that some falls can be avoided, so they bring up some helpful tips to prevent falls. 

Before you can prevent your elderly loved one from falling, you have to develop an understanding of what can make them fall. Visiting Angels discusses how your loved one can have physical conditions that makes it easier for them to fall. For instance, your loved one could suffer from muscle weakness, medication side effects, a decreased sense of balance, and more. You could ask your elderly loved one’s doctor if something can be done to minimize the physical problems that you have noticed. 

After figuring out the physical causes of falling, you could begin to focus on the environmental causes of falling. Check on their home environment. Do they have bars to hold onto when getting into their bathtub or when sitting on the toilet? Do they have cables all over their floors? Visiting Angels brings up some solutions to problems you might find in your loved one’s home. You can organize their home to keep their floors clean and open. You can also add some bars in the bathroom so they have extra support. 

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