Discussion Topics with Senior Parents, VA Jenkintown 

An elderly person holding a cane with a ring on their finger.
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It is natural for people to avoid conversations that are uncomfortable. There are a lot of conversation topics that adult children tend to avoid with their senior parents. Visiting Angels Jenkintown highlights some important discussions that should not be avoided. 

The first topic that an adult child should address with their aging parent should be living arrangements. In other words, where would a senior want to age? A senior does not need to age in a care facility. A senior can decide to age at home. If a senior wants to age in place, they rely on a professional caregiver to receive the support they need.  

Other than living arrangements, adult children should also address the topic of funeral arrangements. Once a senior passes on, it is up to their family to carry on the funeral arrangements. Some seniors would prefer to be cremated, while other seniors would prefer to be buried. 

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Aging Parents with Low Vision, VA Flagstaff

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When a person is diagnosed with low vision, that means their eyesight cannot be corrected with surgery, glasses, or medicine. People with low vision need to learn how to live with low vision. Visiting Angels Flagstaff explains how you can help a senior parent manage their low vision. 

Visiting Angels Flagstaff shares a couple of great ideas that can help you care for your aging parent with low vision. For starters, you should take a look around your loved one’s home. Is there enough light in your loved one’s home? The more light there is, the better. More light means your loved one can see things a bit better. So, if your loved one’s home is too dim, try adding more lights around their home. More lights are especially useful in dim and popular spaces. 

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The Dangers of Summer, VA Prescott

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While people love to spend time outside during the summer, spending too much time in hot temperatures can be dangerous for anyone. Seniors, in particular, need to be careful. Visiting Angels Prescott breaks down some heat-related dangers. 

Visiting Angels Prescott explains the differences between heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Both conditions are a result of being exposed to high temperatures for too long. First, a person suffers from heat exhaustion. If a person feels tired, weak, or develops a headache, they should cool themselves down as quickly as possible. If a person does not cool down, they can develop a heatstroke. Those who suffer from a heatstroke require immediate medical attention. Signs of heat stroke include a high body temperature and rapid heartbeat. 

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Visiting Angels Marietta Talks About Ageism

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There are different forms of discrimination that affect different people. For instance, older people often deal with ageism. What is ageism? As the name of the term implies, ageism is when an older person is discriminated against based on their age. Visiting Angels Marietta discusses the details of ageism. 

While age does affect people mentally and physically, that does not mean that seniors cannot live independent lives. Seniors can still do a variety of things, they just need to believe in their abilities. Visiting Angels Marietta explains how ageism can influence the way older adults view themselves. If a person is constantly being told they cannot do something by themselves, they will probably start to believe what they hear. To overcome ageism, seniors can try a couple of different things. 

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A Healthy Brain, VA Ravenna

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As time goes on, your brain will change. Age changes a lot of things about a person, including how they think, how they can move, etc. If you would like to keep your brain healthy as you get older, take a look at the great advice Visiting Angels Ravenna shares. 

To take care of your brain, you should take care of your body. Visiting Angels Ravenna brings up how taking care of your physical health can help keep you in the long run. You can exercise, eat healthy meals, get the amount of sleep you need, and so on. Furthermore, you can make a doctor’s appointment every few months to check how your body is doing internally. 

Other than taking care of your physical health, you can also take care of your brain by challenging your mind. In other words, try to engage your brain as often as you can. You can read books, put together some puzzles, play chess, and so on. You can decide the best way to challenge your brain. 

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Seniors Dealing with Social Isolation, VA Santa Clarita

An elderly man exercising with the help of a woman.
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Many seniors have been having a difficult time since the pandemic began. There are several seniors who are feeling the effects of social isolation. While social isolation is affecting many people, there are ways to combat it. Visiting Angels Santa Clarita brings up a couple of ways seniors can combat social isolation as the pandemic continues. 

The first suggestion that Visiting Angels Santa Clarita shares has to do with purpose. Seniors who nurture a sense of purpose for themselves tend to feel less socially isolated. Every senior can think about their own life and come up with a sense of purpose that best suits them. For instance, a senior can be motivated by their safe volunteer work. Another senior could be motivated because of their pets. 

Visiting Angels Santa Clarita also brings up how seniors can try engaging their brains more. Like before, there are many things that can engage a person’s brain. For instance, a senior can try reading a book of their choice. A senior can also try playing some brain games online, completing a puzzle, and more. 

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Visiting Angels Chelmsford Talks About Spring

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As the winter weather starts to fade more and more, the spring weather approaches. Many people are relived to feel the warmth of spring, especially after dealing with cold weather and the ongoing pandemic for several months. If you are looking for ways to enjoy the upcoming warm months, take a look at the advice that Visiting Angels Chelmsford shares. 

For starters, you could enjoy the warm breeze that spring brings. There are several ways you can enjoy the great weather. Visiting Angels Chelmsford recommends talking a nice stroll outside. You could visit your local park to take a walk, or you can always walk around your neighborhood. If you do not feel like walking, you could find a comfortable place to sit outside. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the warm sun can help you mentally and physically. 

Visiting Angels Chelmsford also brings up how this is the perfect time to clean your home. Many people deep clean their homes as soon as the warm weather arrives. You could open your windows to let the warm air flow into your home. You can clean off dust, wash any old laundry, and more. You can even listen to music as you clean to make the cleaning more fun. 

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Taking Care of Your Joints, VA NNMP

A photo of an elderly person's hand.
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Have you thought about how important your joints are? Your joints connect your bones and allow for movement. As you age, the cartilage protecting your joints wears down; thus, your joints become more and more exposed as the years go by. If you would like to take care of your joints, take a look at Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula‘s advice. 

Before discussing any tips, Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula starts off by explaining some risks that can develop from poor joint health. For instance, some older adults experience joint pain here and there. To deal with the pain, they tend to take over the counter pain relievers. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that around 23% of adults, in the United States, suffer from arthritis. Those with arthritis deal with several symptoms, including swelling joints, stiffness and loss of motion. 

Once Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula discusses the risks of poor joint health, it shares a list of six tips. The first tip is to cut back on food that causes inflammation. Try to eat foods that contain calcium but are non-dairy. Some examples of great foods include kale, almonds, and lentils. 

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Seniors in Public During COVID-19, VA NNMP

An elderly woman wearing a mask in public.
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People are no longer being forced to quarantine in their homes. Thus, many people have been going to public spaces, including seniors. Visiting Angels Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula offers some suggestions that can help seniors stay safe outside. 

If a senior wishes to visit a hair salon or a barber, they should call ahead. They can make an appointment and bring up any concerns that they may have. Once the senior arrives at the salon, they should make sure to keep their mask on and to use hand sanitizer often. Seniors should continue to keep their masks on, even as the stylist is cutting their hair. 

Furthermore, if a senior wants to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, they should also wear their mask and carry hand sanitizer. When in a public space, seniors should keep their distance from others and follow any social distancing signs. 

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