Seniors and Health Conversations, VA Powder Springs 

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As seniors get older, they need to do everything they can to take care of their health. Families also tend to worry about their senior loved ones’ health; however, it can be a bit difficult to start a conversation about a senior’s health. Visiting Angels Powder Springs offers some advice that can help you start a health centered conversation with your aging loved one. To begin, you should explain why you are worried about your loved one’s health. Bring up the concerns you have been having. 

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Visiting Angels Garland Discusses Migraines and Headaches 

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At the moment, do you know the differences between a headache and a migraine? It is fine if you do not. Visiting Angels Garland goes through and shares information regarding both headaches and migraines. When it comes to a headache, it usually causes a feeling of pressure and aching in a person’s head. A migraine can be considered a more intense version of a headache; however, a migraine is usually felt on one side of the head. Furthermore, a migraine is more serious than a headache because it is considered to be a neurological disorder. 

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Seniors Who Cannot Speak, VA Knoxville

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Does your senior loved one have a difficult time speaking or communicating? If so, you can look into ways to communicate with your aging loved one more effectively. Visiting Angels Knoxville breaks down a couple of ways you can try communicating with your loved one. 

Sometimes touch can make a difference. Visiting Angels Knoxville recommends touching your loved one while you are talking with them. You can gently place your hand on their hand, slowly brush their hair, or give them a gentle pat on the shoulder. Always let your loved one know that you are going to touch them, and always be on the lookout for any signs of discomfort. If your loved one is not comfortable with your touch, stop. 

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Handy Products for Seniors to Have at Home, VA Garland

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When a senior decides to age in place, their family tends to worry about their wellbeing. Visiting Angels Garland shares a list of products that seniors can benefit from. The following is one example of a product from the list. 

A great product for seniors is a pill organizer. What is a pill organizer? A pill organizer is a container meant to help a person keep track of the pills they are taking. There are different types of pill organizers. Some organizers separate pills by day. Other pill organizers separate pills by day and time of day. In other words, seniors do not need to settle for a pill organizer that does not suit their needs. Seniors can find an organizer that works for them. 

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Meaningful Moments with Senior Loved Ones, VA Jenkintown

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As senior loved ones age, families realize how much they truly care for their loved ones. If you would like to create memories with your aging loved one, take a look at the advice Visiting Angels Jenkintown shares. 

When it comes to creating memories with a senior loved one, you can start off by starting a hobby together. You can talk with your senior loved one and ask them if they have been interested in starting a new hobby. Both of you can then throw around hobby ideas and decide on a hobby that you both will enjoy. Then, whenever you have time, you can spend time with your loved one by working on a hobby together. 

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer, VA North Fort Myers

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Skin cancer, and any type of cancer, is serious. In fact, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers discusses how you can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. 

If you would like to protect your skin, you should remember to apply sunscreen before you head outdoors. Sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Visiting Angels North Fort Myers recommends investing in a sun screen that has an SPF above 15, or 30 if you are an active person. Also, remember to reapply your sunscreen as often as needed while you are outside. 

Other than applying sunscreen, you can also make sure to wear protective clothing while you are outside. Protective clothing will prevent the sun rays from getting to your skin as easily. You can carry around an umbrella or hat to protect your head from the sun. Plus, you can wear breathable and light clothing to cover your arms and legs. 

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Talking About COVID-19 Guidelines, VA St. Louis Park

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People have changed their way of living for over a year as a result of the pandemic. However, now that the vaccines are being disturbed, life is gradually returning to normal. Visiting Angels St. Louis Park brings up the new CDC guidelines for COVID-19. 

It is important to point out that the following guidelines are from April 27, 2021. The new guidelines are for those who have been fully vaccinated. Seniors who are fully vaccinated have either received the two doses needed for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine, or they have received the single dose needed for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Fully vaccinated people can be outside without a mask on, hang out with other vaccinated people indoors, and so on. 

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Personality Traits in Great Caregivers, VA NE Ohio

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Seniors, and their families, are often careful when looking for a professional caregiver. If you are wondering what makes a great caregiver, take a look at the personality traits that Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio brings up. 

For starters, a home caregiver needs to recognize that they are being invited into their client’s home. Their client is choosing to show their vulnerable and weak side to their caregiver, so a caregiver should keep in mind how difficult it can be for their client to share that side of themselves. A caregiver should treat their clients like how they would want to be treated. Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio explains how compassion, kindness, and respect can go a long way. 

Another personality trait that Visiting Angels Northeast Ohio highlights is patience. Seniors need a bit more time to do things because of all the physical and mental changes that come with age. A great caregiver knows that they need to be patient when caring for a senior because their client is doing the best that they can do. 

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Ovarian Cancer Information, VA Gadsden

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Have you heard of ovarian cancer before? Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer found in women. If you would like to learn about ovarian cancer, take a look at the information that Visiting Angels Gadsden breaks down. 

To no surprise, ovarian cancer begins in the ovaries. Visiting Angels Gadsden starts off by explaining how ovarian cancer develops. For one, ovarian cancer is when a tumor of mutated cells is found on the ovary. To create the tumor of mutated cells, mutated cells accumulate at a rapid rate. If the cancer is not detected, the mutated cells can eventually spread and infect healthy cells and tissue. While it is best to catch ovarian cancer early on, the early stages come with little to no notable symptoms. 

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Seniors and Occupational Therapy, VA Cullman

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Before going into detail discussing how occupational therapy helps seniors, Visiting Angels Cullman begins by explaining what occupational therapy is. To put is simply, occupational therapy is meant to help seniors who struggle with things in their day-to-day lives. Occupational therapy does help seniors, but it is not limited to seniors. People of all ages can undergo occupational therapy. Seniors can also choose to combine occupational therapy with physical therapy. 

Once Visiting Angels Cullman breaks down the meaning of occupational therapy, the four main benefits are brought up. The first benefit that comes with occupational therapy is independence. An occupational therapist can teach seniors some strategies for dealing with challenging activities so seniors can learn how to adapt to their changing bodies. The assistance of a professional caregiver can also help seniors as they age in place. 

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