Discussion Topics with Senior Parents, VA Jenkintown 

An elderly person holding a cane with a ring on their finger.
Photo by Eduardo Barrios on Unsplash

It is natural for people to avoid conversations that are uncomfortable. There are a lot of conversation topics that adult children tend to avoid with their senior parents. Visiting Angels Jenkintown highlights some important discussions that should not be avoided. 

The first topic that an adult child should address with their aging parent should be living arrangements. In other words, where would a senior want to age? A senior does not need to age in a care facility. A senior can decide to age at home. If a senior wants to age in place, they rely on a professional caregiver to receive the support they need.  

Other than living arrangements, adult children should also address the topic of funeral arrangements. Once a senior passes on, it is up to their family to carry on the funeral arrangements. Some seniors would prefer to be cremated, while other seniors would prefer to be buried. 

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