Vaccines for Seniors, VA Garland 

Small vaccine bottles lined up.
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Why are vaccines important? For one, vaccines help keep a person healthy. When a person is given a vaccine, their body is able to create antibodies to help fight against the illness that the vaccine was created for. Antibodies can make a big difference when detecting an illness and dealing with an illness. Visiting Angels Garland discusses a couple of specific vaccines that can help seniors. 

Not all seniors will experience the same changes as the years pass by, but there is one change seniors should keep in mind. As a senior grows older, their immune system will become weaker. A senior’s body will not be able to fight back against illnesses the same way as it did before. So, vaccines become more important with age because they provide seniors with the needed protection. Some examples of important vaccines include Influenza, Shingles, and COVID-19. 

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