Fall Prevention Strategies, VA Santa Clarita 

An elderly woman sitting on a chair.
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

It can be dangerous for older adults to experience a fall when they are at home alone. If you are worried about a senior loved one falling, know that there are fall prevention strategies out there. Check out the great fall prevention strategies that Visiting Angels Santa Clarita discusses. You will most likely find some way to help your aging loved one. 

If you have not been in your loved one’s home in a while, you can start off by taking a look around. While looking around, you should keep an eye out for any fall hazards. What is considered a fall hazard? Anything that can make it difficult for your loved one to maneuver around their home. For example, if you notice a slippery rug in your loved one’s home, that would be considered a fall hazard. You can throw the rug away or add anti-slip adhesives to the rug to make it safer. 

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