Information About Yoga, VA Jasper 

Two elderly people doing yoga together.
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Practicing yoga comes with a lot of great benefits. Those who practice yoga can work on their balance, breathing, flexibility, and so on. Seniors, in particular, can benefit a lot from yoga. Visiting Angels Jasper breaks down a couple of ways yoga can affect seniors. 

Seniors who have never practiced yoga before should talk with their doctor before they start practicing. Their doctor should be able to inform them if yoga is safe for their health. Once a senior gets an approval from their doctor, they should sign up for some in-person yoga classes. Visiting Angels Jasper explains how an in-person yoga class is the best way for a senior to learn yoga poses. An in-person class means that an experienced instructor can walk around and correct a senior’s form if needed. In other words, a senior can practice yoga and learn the correct way to perform the essential basics. 

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