Lung Cancer Information, VA Wayzata

 A person holding up some x-rays of a spine.
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Lung cancer is a serious illness that affects a large number of both men and women. Those who have been exposed to smoking, second hand smoking, and radon are at higher risk for developing lung cancer. Visiting Angels Wayzata breaks down information about lung cancer so more people are aware of it. 

When it comes to cancer, it is best to diagnose it as soon as possible. Usually, the earlier a person is diagnosed, the more treatment options are available. If a person is at high risk for developing lung cancer, their doctor will often recommend annual lung cancer tests. Every year, a patient can go to their doctor for x-rays and CT scans. If something about the scans seems odd, then a doctor can perform a biopsy to gather a sample. Then, if the sample comes back cancerous, the doctor will need to perform more tests to find out more information. 

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