Financial Scams and Seniors, VA St Louis Park

A sign that says "scam alert."
Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Scammers like to target seniors. Why? Because scammers believe that seniors have a lot of money saved up and good credit scores. There are ways seniors can avoid scams. Visiting Angels St Louis Park breaks down how seniors can avoid scams. 

Visiting Angels St Louis Park actually goes through a list of scams and how to avoid each type of scam. For starters, there is the romance scam. Let us say that a senior is looking for a romantic partner online. A senior could start talking to someone and everything could seem fine. However, out of nowhere, the person could ask the senior for money. Seniors should not give money to people they meet online. Seniors should actually avoid giving money to people that they do not know in general. A scammer can just pretend to be friendly to get money. 

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