Senior Fall Scenarios and Prevention, VA Flagstaff

An elderly man using a cane.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Everyone experiences changes as they get older. While not all seniors experience the same changes, there are a couple of common changes that can increase a senior’s risk for falling. Visiting Angels Flagstaff talks about fall scenarios and fall prevention. 

For starters you can identify fall hazard conditions that can affect your aging loved one. Visiting Angels Flagstaff shares information regarding three categories of fall hazard conditions. The first category addresses medical based risks. If your senior loved one is taking multiple medications, you can do some research to see how their medications interact with one another. Some medication interactions can lead to dizziness or drowsiness. While learning about your loved one’s medication, you can also take a look at each medication individually to see if any single medication comes with side effects that can increase your loved one’s fall risks. 

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