Activities for Seniors to Enjoy this Summer, VA Jenkintown

Sunglasses and letter blocks placed on sand.
Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

The summer is a great time to head outside, but the summer heat can also be dangerous. In particular, the longer days and higher temperatures can have negative side effects on older adults. Visiting Angels Jenkintown shares five summer activities that seniors can enjoy safely this year. 

If a senior enjoys drinking tea, they can try making sun tea this summer. As the name implies, sun tea is tea that has been brewed by the sun. To make sun tea, a person just needs to fill up a gallon with clean water. Once the gallon is full, the person can just add tea bags and close the gallon. Once the lid is securely fastened, a senior just needs to find a sunny location outside and leave their tea there for a two to four hours. The heat and the direct sunlight will brew the tea bags slowly. At the end, the person can also add some sort of sweetener to the tea. 

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